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Virgin Galactic White Knight 2 Formation Near SFO

Presumably this was with a Virgin aircraft. Anyone know for sure? ( 更多...

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So what? Some folks had not seen it yet... and it is new to them. Very exciting, cannot wait until they get up to space.
Very nice
ADXbear 1
This was probably done entirely for promotional purposes based on listening to the landing announcements.. so probably flown as a Part91 Non rev flight.. just an educated guess.. never the less very cool stuff..
Tim Huseby 2
This was all planned and done a few years ago when T2 in SFO opened
donald kiel 1
Probably was!! SFO does do parallel approaches to 28's with two restrictions-One you wouldn't be that close to the other aircraft and two-the trailing aircraft CANNOT pass the lead aircraft. Fun approach, ALWAYS briefed the passengers so they knew what to expect and NOT alarm them!!
R.W. Mann 1
Is formation flight even permitted under Part 121 or under Part 91 carrying passengers for hire?
Looks like the Beechcraft shadowing Virgin Galactic was set-up as a photo plane. Expect to see some commercials soon on your local TV.
randomguy 2
old news, and yes, virgin aircraft and media flight.
siriusloon 3
Where did anyone claim this was new news? It's an interesting video and he had a question about it.
no one claimed it was news, john's just saying that this happened a while back and has already been seen
dee9bee 1
I agree with flying481. The islands look like the Farallons, offshore from the Golden Gate. Maybe a charter flight for folks who have put down deposits for future space flights?
joel wiley 1
Agree, Southeast Fallarone, check NOAA chart 18645.
Mike Mohle -2
TCAS anyone?!?!? Was it inop? If this was a real flight this would be quite a safety issue.
siriusloon 1
This was obviously pre-planned. They didn't just intercept an airliner for the hell of it. It's perfectly legal. Whether it's a safety issue or not depends on the flying abilities of the pilots involved. I've done lots of air-to-air photography, mostly with military aircraft and pilots, some with civilians. I've also turned down a request to "come along and shoot some pics" because I didn't trust the close-formation flying competence of the pilots involved -- which took all my diplomatic skills because one of them was my father-in-law.
Purdue13 4
First of all, TCAS doesn't even have anything to do with this. Secondly, if you've never flown a formation flight before, don't talk about the safety of a formation flight. WK2 was clearly at least 1 1/2 A320 wing spans away. Thirdly, if you have ever flown a formation flight, you wouldn't have even have commented about its safety.
flyingj481 2
Watching the landing video makes it clear it was a press/promotional flight. I'm pretty sure this woudln't be done with just a random scheduled flight. I'd be willing to bet that everyone got on that plane knowing it was going to happen, and probably signed a waiver for it.
flyingj481 2
The landing:
joel wiley 1
When was this taken?
Whose airline was this shot from, and can we get pics from the photo plane that was flying behind?
Great footage.
siriusloon 1
Check the Virgin website. I'm sure they hired the photographer in the chase plane.
from the winglets it looks like a virgin america a320
John Grove 1
Several pics are available of Virgin Atlantic's A319, N527VA, with the identical winglet design. Might have been a different ship used in this flight but it's pretty apparent it would have been one from VA.

( )
joel wiley 1
That would explain the cozy formation!


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