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Investigation Launched After British Man Sneaks Onto New York-Bound Flight Without Passport or Ticket

On December 23, Craig Sturt reached Britain's busiest airport, London Heathrow, with no passport or confirmed ticket. The 46-year-old jobless man bypassed the check-in desks and headed straight for the security gates in Heathrow's Terminal 5. Sturt then turned up at the gate for a British Airways flight bound for New York-JFK. ( More...

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Chris Muncy 13
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Jeff Steiner 6
Thanks, this should just be standard practice for ANY aeroexplorer squawk!

And then if we could just get FlightAware to make our commented links clickable.... <sigh>
avionik99 6
They are lacking in many other areas also. You cannot edit a response you make and you cannot delete a response. (as far as I know) If you have a way please post it here.
srobak 3
Nope. You should always proofread anything before you post anywhere. Along with that - you should also make sure you always say what you mean and mean what you say. Stand behind your words. Too many Keyboard Komandos like to post something inflammatory and then go back after to edit or delete to then make all the respondents look like dolts. Screw that.
Heathrow airport claims that its security is one of the best in the world.
This is a very serious security breach that had occurred.

BA Airline “ has no A or B “ scores in this case .

How can one go through customer service, checking desks , multiple securities , board an Aircraft and over pass Flight Attendants checks and seatings ?

It’s been said that this individual is “ insane “ well, I’m sure who’s more sound and sane in this case is it him or the Airport Security?

Hopefully, United States CBP had interviewed him thoroughly prior deportation.
About 12 years ago, I was standing by a boarding gate ( a door leading to the Aircraft) before my flight going to Canada .

At times I make announcements helping the customer Service.

I have noticed , A passenger presented “a copy of American Passport “ this Airline customer service checked him in and Allowed him to check 2 bags on this international flight.

I immediately asked the CS Agent not to issue a boarding pass.
Eventually, my question was: where is your passport?
He stated that he was “ an American citizen “
I told him I don’t care what the Nationality was.

I need to see a valid and signed passport in order to allow you to board.

The passenger was arguing that he should get a boarding pass.
I ordered the CS Agent not to do so. I called Operations and demanded that Ramp Agents off load the two checked bags .
It was raining very hard . The ramp Manager was very upset and mad at me . He stated that we will get a delay .
My response was : This is my flight , “ this passenger “ will not get on this flight .

I called operations and advised them , we will not push back until the issue is rectified.

Customer service and the shift Management showed up and told me to just let go . I objected immediately.

The “ shift Manager “ told me who’s the boss?
I responded by saying: maybe you’re the boss at the gate
I’m the boss on the Aircraft.

Meanwhile, the Ramp off loaded the two bags .

The “ passenger in question left “ only to come back 10 minutes later: and said : “ I’m a homeland security officer “
Congratulations you have passed the test .

“ a true story “

No one can travel without a signed and valid passport, including babies .
YOU passed the (alleged) test; no one else in the story passed it, though. And THAT is more troubling than that you passed the (alleged) test is encouraging.
Colin Seftel 1
Good story but I don’t believe it’s true. Has ANYONE ever experienced such a test?
AWAAlum 1
I'm with you.
srobak -2
"No one can travel without a signed and valid passport, including babies ."

We have thousands entering the US on flights every day without passports OR visas.
Bill Overdue -4
Pfft ... illegals fly everyday in this country and no one knows who the hell they are! Same with the 130,000+ Afghans from the failed withdrawal of Afghanistan. Most men were raping women in Army bases before they were even processed.
Matha Goram 3
Something is missing from the narrative. BA Flight Attendants routinely check boarding passes as passengers enter the aircraft. This is the second check. They don't greet you, they just want to inspect the boarding pass.
It happened again!
Andrew Hunter 26
Quote from article "U.S. officials are reportedly furious and demanding answers as to how an individual with no passport or ticket could have flown into their country from abroad"
I guess they don't get furious about the millions crossing the Southern border illegally !
btweston 13
You get a cookie.
jeff slack 18
bag of peanuts, cookies went out with the last round pf passenger cost cutting
Larry Toler 14
Can't have peanuts either, due to pax with peanut allergies. Maybe he can get a bag of pretzels.
Alan Glover 9
We fly economy.

You pay for the pretzels.
rob strong 5
No vax cards two years ago either. tell me again why I have a passport and must go through customs?
Passports and security are jobs and promote economic growth. Lets not get fancy with why both are actually necessary. Move along, nothing to see here.
HA! Spot on.
avionik99 3
Most correct response of the year award!
nick hawel 4
The problem here is that automated clearance leaves much to be desired, actual security staff checking details is a much better option .
Bill Overdue 2
... and yet he actually boarded the plane! How much better is actual security?
Thomas Royce 2
Just because they speak Spanish ?
How would one “ distinguish between an illegal Alien and a permanent resident of the United States Traveling?”

The subject has nothing to do with immigration or race .

Is this fact or speculation?

Wow , “ one has stated, that most of the Afghans were rapists ?” For really ?

“ the Afghan people were left behind “ Most of them were informers, guides and translators “ and after 20 years they were left behind.
So, for 20 years they were Rapists ?

If one can prove that they were “ All rapists “ by all means prove it “

I hate to get to this sort of conversation that has nothing to do with the main subject, but can’t help myself not responding .
Bill Overdue 0
Rapists, should ask women at Fort Bliss! The truth is the US had no idea who got on the plane, while leaving 100's of Americans to fend for themselves! I can't help myself but to correct false information.
“ Respectfully, A gentleman stated that we don’t get furious about the Millions of people crossing illegally from The border “
U.S Border patrol officers are Aware and doing their job well, they are not furious , but it’s Mission that they have to accomplish.

The people crossing the border illegally has a motive their intentions and intent is to find a better life , feed their children and in some cases flee injustices , oppression and persecution.
That’s how Millions of people , including our fathers came from all over Europe to created the United States of America.

As for the individual who came to the United States we do not know his intentions or motives.

However, he probably taught a good lesson what security should be at one of the busiest Airport of the world .
God bless America.
Only the "flee injustices, oppression, and persecution" are eligible for asylum. The rest are NOT.
avionik99 3
But they should stay and fight in their own country to make it a better place. Many Americans have shed their blood for America and none of these people have nor will they likely ever do so! They are here because they have heard of the free handouts promised them by democrats and so called sanctuary cities. Most all these uneducated people are a detriment to any society they go to. The crimes they are committing is to feed themselves because they were lied to! Their motives are far from what you say.
srobak 2
"The people crossing the border illegally has a motive their intentions and intent is to find a better life , feed their children and in some cases flee injustices , oppression and persecution."

This accounts for less than half.

"That’s how Millions of people , including our fathers came from all over Europe to created the United States of America."

Yeah - but they entered legally.
Bill Overdue -3
Utter gibberish! Most of the illegals have $1,000 IPhones! Their INTENTIONS are to live off American taxpayers because they are encouraged to come here and they are ALLOWED to stay! Democrats hope the 9,000,000+ new illegals in the past 3 years, will become voters so they can remain in power into perpetuity. Another observation, why does the USA need 30,000+ Chinese nationals who are 99% men and who's age is 18-36 yrs old? America is under an invasion and no one gives a damn!
It is one sided opinion.
You certainly have the right to conclude “ what is true or Untrue “

Mr. Collin , we are not discussing what is True or Untrue in this case. As we are not on Trial.
“ you have a picture in United State’s cosmonaut suit “ landing on the moon. “ great the American Flag is very visible “

As Many countries labeled it in the past to be fake and untrue landing on the Moon.
Pseudo- thoughts or reality.

Respectfully, U.K is yet expected to make an announcement in the future that you too can land on the Moon.
AWAAlum 2
I'm pretty sure it's a U.S. ASTRONAUT suit.
Colin Seftel 1
And now this:
AWAAlum 1
"In today's day and age, where aviation security is at an all-time high, events such as what Mr. Sturt went through are unheard of and without proper documentation." ... lololol clearly not.
Stephen Rogers 1
It would be okay if he came across the southern border.
Thousands walking in. There certainly could not be a split up bunch of terrorists among them!
Does any one care or even have a clue as to what is going to happen here.
Give you a clue, they are of only one "Religion"
...thereby breaking a centuries-old principle of only sending our convicts to Australia.
Apologies for sending one of our nutters across.

But then, the southern "border2 is looking rather leaky.
Security breaches may occur when Airline representatives are distracted and not focusing on their job.

The pleasure of having to Travel, the wonders of traveling at times expecting the inevitable.
Any particular international passenger should be known precisely prior to boarding an Aircraft.
Other measures that I cannot discuss on this site .

Including but not limited to having proper documents and visa requirements for travel when applicable.

If one is a frequent traveler or a crew member , you would probably see , encounter and experience many incidents and situations.
At times even kids are “ behaving better than Adults on a flight “

From Air Rage , Abuse of alcohol , at times some travelers Arguing about futile things , over overhead bins or even fighting.
One would even encounter travelers with fear of flying.

Which reminds me , “ a woman on my flight was very agitated and scared continuously crying “

( prior to closing the doors) I respectfully approached her and asked her “ what are your fears ?”
She replied “ we are all going to crash and die “

I responded: “ when are we going to crash?”
She was very surprised by my statement. ( she didn’t say a word ).

Then I continued by saying “ if I knew I was going to crash, I wouldn’t be flying today “ I have a family too.

All of a sudden, she smiled and relaxed her thoughts.

Enforcing security measures at Airports especially for travelers on an international flight is critical and crucial.

Incidents such as evading security and boarding a flight without proper documentation should never happen.

The case of , the individual without a passport, boarding pass and having the luxury to be seated even be able to get a meal is unacceptable .

“ the biggest mistake, is not learn from your mistakes “
The case of Heathrow security breach, should be addressed, analyzed and taught for future security enforcement Agents , but not limited to customer service Agents as well .

“ please prepare for take off “
So called advanced and educated people put axe on their own feet and then blame others for the results after painful experiences, a hard pill to swallow.
D Rotten -1
?????? Since we have, LITERALLY.....THOUSANDS of Illegals doing this exact thing, on a DAILY basis....what's the problem with THIS guy doing it???? At ALL airports, they have special lines to get in, to board planes. Maybe THAT was this guys problem.....he didn't get in the 'correct line'! The NO PASSPORT, NO TIX NEEDED line!
George Jardim 1
That's a false equivalence.
Again, Mrs Awaalum
The discussion, The subject, The Article and the story IS NOT about you and I.

So members are deviating from the original subject or the story pertaining to the story.
There will be people and/ or members interested to hear what you have to say “ others won’t “ it’s a free country.

The Stowaway story is still going on and under investigation.

If one had an idea how to improve , support and suggest positive outcomes, then so be it.

Making comments about or against people’s opinions is not going to change “the subject discussed or the story “

Perhaps what others write or discuss can be an education or educational opportunity, experience to others .

One does not have to read a duration or be limited to “ brevity “ As this site does not dictate or limit people’s choices and opinions.

Personally, I’m interested to discuss or argue what “ he/,said / she said “

“ I’m with you “ I don’t believe this “

And I know what “ Brevity “ means :

Noun / Definition:
Shortness of duration/ words / expression.

“ The one who did not reach the other side of the bank , should not laugh at the one who’s drowning “

“ Experience is a teacher from whom we can learn a lot “

The story of this “ subject the stowaway, was a danger to our own Airport Security.

“ Anger is one letter short of DANGER”
“ My Name is bound , James bound “ but you can call me

This is no movie episode or role that has been played “ each time someone closes the door on reality , reality will enter from a window “

It has been labeled as a “ British man Mysteriously boarding the a flight “ and “ catch me is you can “

“ the individual was no Santa clause flying overseas on a trailer without a passport “ even kids do not believe in Santa clause nowadays.

The Mystery has become a history and the BA security could not catch this stowaway and running away .

If there was such a serious security threat by a “ mysterious man “ what would you do against a professional man ?”

Seriously, The probe should start by reorganizing terminal 5 and the automated gate system.

U.K Passport checks should be thoroughly evaluated.

The person responsible for security should be fired .
BA Airline should be fined and held responsible for this security breach.
Gate Agents should be fined and held accountable.

Security and Airport Agents should be evaluated,
educated and tested by undercover agents.

The individual that has demonstrated the evasive actions to board an international flight unchallenged .

This can only prove that the “ flight Manifest and head count “ was not recorded and reviewed “

Why would a security breach be investigated after something serious happen and not prevented ?

Come to think of it, should we thank him for his help and role opening the Eyes of the sleepyheads ?

“ it’s like a good Pilot , fly well , Land well and deplane well”
As stated this individual is not and was not a hero , however he’s certainly a teacher that has done his part highlighting security issues at one of the busiest Airports in the world .
AWAAlum 2
I'd kindly like to suggest adding the word "brevity" to your vocabulary.
For real ?
We are not going to glorify this individual just because “ he’s from U.k “ or treat him differently “

Who passed the Test ?

You are absolutely right and correct.
In any case “ it’s The Heathrow Airport Security System that failed the test “

It failed to Identify the individual prior to going through security.
It failed to check his international credentials.
It failed to match his Name to a Passport.
It failed to match and connect his name to a boarding pass.
It failed to identify his bag .
It failed to recognize his seat number to his name .

It failed to double check “ a secondary passport check prior to going the boarding gate “

However, As I stated , “ this individual has taught a crucial security lesson to one of the busiest Airports in U.K for free “
“ Things happen for a good reason, other Airlines and Airports will take a note of it “

As we were discussing the case : of “ A passenger being able to travel an international flight without a passport “.

This individual is not and was not a Hero, he’s for sure a “ wake up call Awareness to others “
nf45 -2
Going single file through a boarding gate!! Either ground crew was exhausted, on mushrooms, part of an ops to test stateside entry personnel/ system, part of an organization intent on destabilizing the world and the states or something else?
Bill Overdue -7
It's "something else"... when they give illegal aliens the choice of getting photo ID'd.... you know they don't give a damn about security! It's just to harass anyone they feel doesn't fit their political profiles!
Bill Overdue -4
Must have been an illegal alien? It's all good! No photo ID necessary. Guess they bumped it up to no ticket?


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