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Russia Seizes Control of St. Petersburg Airport from Foreign Investors

In a recent fiasco, Vladimir Putin signed a decree taking control of St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Airport away from foreign investors, of which German airport operator Fraport and Qatar's sovereign wealth fund Qatar Investment Authority had over 24% ownership. ( More...

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WD Rseven 10
If you're dumb enough to invest in anything in Russia, then you deserve what you get.
mbrews 16
I'm shocked, shocked that Fraport and Qatar gambled on this Pulkovo investment !

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teslamax 6
It’s common practice for every power to conduct trade in it’s best interest. Both the sanctions and Russia’s response are eminently predictable.
canswl 7
I suspected that you're a muscovite troll, "redlaser", reading your comments about the B777 hard landing in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Now, it's confirmed. You spew a bunch of BS.
Bill Overdue -3
Mike Whitfield 15
My suggestion to Redlaser - if you have such a problem with the US and you are so hopelessly ignorant and misinformed about Ukraine - why don't you spend the weekend packing your bags and move to Russia? Once there you can sign up for Russian army conscription and go to the front lines in Eastern Ukraine and hang out with thousands of hapless, de-motivated, de-moralised Russian conscripts and convicts in the "meat grinder". Sounds like you will be a great candidate and war-monger Putin will love you for it.
beilstwh 1
he is already in Moscow and works for the FSB
Welcome back to the USSR.

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AndyShank 9
How much do you get paid to post here?

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Carl Cannon 7
"Filthy rich" but can't afford to learn grammar.
m m 12
It’s spelled “Zionist”. Just a tip from one average American to clearly another.

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m m 11
Yes, much more impactful to spew conspiratorial anti-Semitic garbage with grammatically correct English. Better luck next time.
Bill Overdue 2
Are you high?
jmilleratp 18
Who could imagine that a dictator would seize property?

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btweston 1
Who can imagine what happened to your brain?
Nooge -2
Who can imagine Democrats seizing elections?

Low IQ long overdue for an intervention from the cult

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inoc 3
Northwestern most conterminous US state. If you thought you were referring to Washington D.C. then that's in the Northeast US, on the East side of the Potomac river across from the state of Virginia and adjacent to the state of Maryland. you didn't know that, among many other things.
John Taylor -2
Who could imagine the US seizing property from a country that it's not a war with.

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AndyShank 20
Give it a rest. This is a website about commercial aviation, not the drivel you've been posting here. You seem lost.
John Taylor 5
I've been reporting him as spam.
teslamax 1
Don’t you mean, “the people of Ukraine will be liberated to rejoin the Russian Republic.”
teslamax 0
This was sarcasm.
Bill Overdue -5
True, it will. Zelensky wanted to negotiate early, but Biden in pocket of arms dealers, so he said no negotiate! Zelensky just punk dictator killing 100,000s of boys, men, women and babies... for what? Why? Because Biden said so? Biden is a pawn of Russia, China and the Saudis. This will never end.
beilstwh -1
another message from the FSB. Hows the weather in Moscow today
Bill Overdue -6
Even the Russians in Eastern Ukraine want to be in Russia, and yes, they soon will!
James New 12
“Russia, Nigeria with snow” — Sergey Brin
“Russia, a gas station run by the Mafia.” — John McCain
Nooge -2
“I went in yesterday and there was a television screen, and I said, ‘This is genius.’ Putin declares a big portion of the Ukraine — of Ukraine — Putin declares it as independent. Oh, that’s wonderful,”

“He used the word ‘independent’ and ‘we’re gonna go out and we’re gonna go in and we’re gonna help keep peace.’ You gotta say that’s pretty savvy.”
Laszlo Furdek 6
Why are you still here and not in Putin's paradise?
michael merlin -2
a little bitter aren't you.
Michael Dealey 1
She's a Canadian, liberal idiot.
jim sisti 7
Eh! So a little accounting write off for some corporations, sure beats "falling" out a 5th floor window like so many ex Putin cronies have experienced.
s s 2
Would it also be terrible if the U.S. took control over, say, JFK or BWI if maybe China wanted ownership?
Joe Keifer 5
The U.S. must not fail Ukraine or Israel.
MrTommy 7
Meanwhile, we are failing OURSELVES!
Why would anybody have been so clueless as to put any money into Russia since Putin came to power!? This is mind boggling, to say the least. Have those people/investors learned nothing of history?
Bill Overdue 1
This is what the Biden Administration should do to Chinese who were allowed to buy millions of acres of farmland In Midwest USA, but he won't, because he likes their money!
michael merlin -9
All it is is payback for what the EU and US is doing to russian assets all over. good for russia.

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Rich Boddy 9
Everything you say literally gives everyone who reads it actual cancer.


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