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Passengers and Crew Injured as Hawaiian Airlines Flight Encounters Turbulence

Most flyers hate turbulence and for good reason. The bumps can make some sick and can cause disruptions to inflight service. However, most passengers don’t imagine turbulence so severe that it results in injuries. Sadly, this is exactly what happened on a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Honolulu Daniel K. Inouye Airport (HNL) to Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (SYD). ( More...

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scottiek 31
After a multitude of these happenings, you would think the IDIOT PASSENGERS would finally understand to ALWAYS keep your seatbelt fastened whenever you are in your seat. But noooo. And you know darn well they will lawyer up. I hope the flight attendant(s) are OK.
numb9 6
Passengers/people in general: You Can't Fix Stupid".
There is Plenty of Stupid in the World
AWAAlum 2
Hmmmm...article states "passengers and crew" to explain how you see it possible for the crew to remain buckled up?
darjr26 3
It’s an 11 hour flight. How long can you hold it in?
D Kaufman 14
Go pee and go back to your seat and buckle up. The odds of an incident happening in those few minutes are a lot less than when people fly most of the trip without the seal belt on. Some people won’t wear them because they’re ‘uncomfortable’. What’s ‘uncomfortable’ is when your fat ass lands on my head.
Gloria Johns 2
Don't hold back. How do you really feel about it? (:
Stef Lar 1
Well, there’s been those recent stories about passengers peeing at their seat…

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21voyageur 14
Passengers are not idiots - passengers that do not buckle up are the idiots. Let's not complicate matters with sociological/intellectual reasons for not wearing them. The belt is there for a reason. Just wear it.
Brian James 13
But they are told in the safety briefing to keep their seat belts on while seated. It's not unreasonable to expect they do what they are told, and if they are oblivious to their surroundings, then maybe they shouldn't be in an airplane
Doug Parker 5
Stop being _nice._

“Turbulence will move the aircraft downward, suddenly and violently, but not you, bringing your head and body into contact with the ceiling above you, unless your seatbelt is fastened.”

There's lots of funny ways to say this.
AWAAlum 2
Are you pretending to be the head of American Airlines?
Doug Parker 3
Anytime I fly American I always take a moment to pop my head into the cockpit to greet the crew, show the name on my boarding pass, and announce, "Today Doug Parker will be one of your passengers."

It always gets a good laugh. One pilot jokingly yelled, "GET OFF MY PLANE!"
AWAAlum -2
I presume you're talking about the flight deck.
AWAAlum 1
lol - downvotes? come on peeps - someone named Doug Parker should know it's the flight deck, not the cockpit.
nonscenic37 4
Presumably the website's mapping tool has difficulty with flights that cross180 degrees longitude, or else that's a marathon flight for an A330!
Russ Brown 2
In December 1962 experienced CAT on a PanAm 707 from Seattle to Honolulu. Luckily had belt on - it is still on!
bruce barton 1
I enjoyed watching those swept wings flexing and engine pods shaking ( Pratt and Whitney’s) on the 707,
On a Pan Am flt. to Port of Spain , Trinidad. We were dodging big Caribbean cumulus puffs in the heat …seatbelts on! Magnificent engineering.
ANY relation to Bob Barton.. A great wonderful PanAm person..
bruce barton 1
You’ve made my day…
That would be my father…aka the professor!
Have not seen nor heard of him in 35 years, but he was so good I felt safe to know he was there. World wide..
AWAAlum 1
Awwwwww, that's VERY cool.
godutch 5
Ad/subscription supported website. No thanks.
Brian Johnson 6
Stillted chat-bot writing too...
Kathy McDowell 1
What are the pilots doing during the 5 minutes of terror?
Dennis Fernkes 3
Praying I would hope.
Napping as proscribed..Turb happens ! why any comments.
Russ Brown 0
What nonsense! Airline PR people have managed to change our language. getting their customers to think of themselves as "flyers" rather than ordinary "passengers", that hopefully adds to the feeling of participation. Simple fact...the REAL flyers are the folks who sit in front, and wear seat belts, because they know the air can get rough. Passengers sitting in back want to believe they are entitled to a smooth ride. They usually get it. How is it news when they dont?


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