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Lightning Strike Causes Significant Damage To Jetstar Boeing 787

A Jetstar Boeing 787 en route to the Gold Coast earlier this month picked up substantial fuselage damage along the way from lightning strikes. ( 更多...

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bentwing60 4
"A faraday cage is a mesh shield that blocks electromagnetic fields and is built into the skin of jets with aluminum fuselages." a quote from the article and Wrong in every possible way!

A classic aluminum airframe Is a faraday cage by design as aluminum is a class A conductor of electrical current! No mesh shield required as part of the manufacturing process or cert. requirements.

sf at its simple best, as usual, and while the video and inset shots of damage are notable on the 'plastic airplane', and probably alarming to some, the certified lightning strike protection performed as advertised and the damage is most certainly repairable.

If one did some flyin' for any significant period of time and had a strike or two, it is clear that a strike does not specifically propagate from front to back, but from the strike point along "the path of least resistance" to the exit point for the current. Usually meaning fried static wicks and anywhere else 'It' deems "the path of least resistance".

Luck was being able to observe the damage on another airplane in the MX hangar that was part of your fleet and got a direct hit while flying yet another FEDEX "when it's positively gotta' be there overnight" MEM trip.
Highflyer1950 1
Used to carry spare Static Wicks on board just in case we found a badly burned one on the preflight. Also with the 359 kt vmo on the Lear, P-static was almost as annoying as the noise build-up on the nose of our DC8 in cloud.
bentwing60 1
Aahhh, P-static, almost guaranteed to show up on those 'fun' nights goin' into the northeast in light snow and the handoff controller gives you a direct to RNAV fix and the good old ARNAV 40 loran just went away!
Highflyer1950 1
Yes, kinda made you want to instinctively lift your headset away from the ears. Fun times.
Chris B 3
Good video. It wasn't long ago that lightning protection of the 787 was called into question.

I see why.
You don't see why, you see opportunity.


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