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The American Airlines-JetBlue Partnership Is A Mess For Passengers

American Airlines and JetBlue have forged a ‘Northeastern Alliance’ covering flights in and out of Boston and New York. This is great in theory for American Airlines customers, giving them a big domestic network to fly while still earning miles and elite status. It’s great for JetBlue customers given American’s global reach. And it makes the two airlines competitive against United and Delta in selling to corporate accounts. ( 更多...

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i have not heard any good things about jet blue,nor spirit airlines for that matter..those came into being because of passengers wanting cheaper fares..however,they have not managed to maintain a great reputation for customer service..americah has struggled to keep its reputation and build it up since the merger,so im not sure an agreement with jet blue is so great,especially in todays environment where everyone is already tense and expecting to be treated extremely" one on one"well by airlijne employees!


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