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'If you see a deal, you should buy it': Frontier Airlines CEO

The sky's the limit, according to Frontier Airlines (ULCC) CEO Barry Biffle. "Bookings have been surging for several months." Biffle told Yahoo Finance Live, "If you're planning on going somewhere, you need to book it, because, you know, people are literally going to run out of seats." ( 更多...

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Chris Croft 8
Pure salesmanship Barry, like a car salesman creating urgency to buy now or the vehicle will be gone tomorrow. So where were all your "deals" when the seats were half full and you continued to charge ridiculous baggage fees,and not even a bag of peanuts or a bottle of water were to be had.I hope your customer service returns to the level that the flying public deserves, after all you need us more than we need you. Cars and trains come to mind.
DaveRK 2
" charge ridiculous baggage fees".
And damn near doubling the price of "The Works" package from $172 RT to $300 RT.
FFT, don't bother asking yourself why I stopped flying FFT
Etienne Daniels 1
Instead of charging extra for luggage they should charge that CEO for his extra weight, clearly obese :) Or is it all the air he has in his body.
Mark Castleman 0
This assumes I would ever want to fly on an Ulta Low Quality Carrier like Frontier. I’d rather stay home than endure the hell of a trip on Frontier or Spirit.
DaveRK 2
Up until I actually moved to Florida 18 months ago, I was based in CLE.
When Untied took over COA, destroyed a great airline and of course stopped direct flights to MCO, I was stuck, either try an ULCC or accept bad times with connections.
Even with the additional cost of The Works, it was still less then the others and the benefits were worth flying FFT.
John Smith -2
What benefits? Do you really know something the rest of us don't know? You must be an FFT employee trying to change Texas Air Corporation's well-deserved immage.
DaveRK 4
Don't be so quick to judge Sparky.
I am NOT an employee, I'm a retired RF engineer.

Do you have any idea what you're talking about or just trolling?
The Works package got me first to board,a seat in front and free checked and carry-on luggage.


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