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Thousands Of Passengers Could Be Banned From Flying And Fined For Not Wearing Masks

The Federal Aviation Administration disclosed some figures on Monday about unruly (read: shitty) passengers who made their fellow travelers’ lives a little bit harder because they just didn’t want to wear a mask aboard a plane. So far, 1,300 passengers have been reported for their unruly behavior since February, per Reuters. Of those 1,300 people who’ve been reported, at least 260 are being looked at for potential violations which mostly involve “passengers not wearing masks as required on… ( More...

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R2robot 13
Keith Bell 27
The CDC orders are to wear a mask while on a plane. -

The FAA agrees and advises the same. -

End of discussion for law abiding Americans (yes, even pilots).

Just consider someone other than yourself and don't be self centered.

It's really that simple.
Tim Dyck 2
They make the rules and weather we agree or not we have to abide by them or not fly. U disagree but I have to fly to and from work so I have to abide by the rules. It’s really that simple.

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R2robot 11
"freedom to decide for themselves" Funny that your types are firmly against Pro-Choice when it comes to other people deciding for themselves. You're only for this 'freedom' when it conserves yourself. How convenient.
Huck Finn -1
Love the 'you people' or 'your kind' of response to my premise.
AWAAlum 7
Actually, the end of discussion comes when people who are too arrogant to do what they're being asked, when it's being asked in an effort to keep us safe, die of Covid-19. Seems to me that's an heroic thing to do. Stop being so selfish and open that small mind to the possibility there are those at work trying to save your butt.
Huck Finn -6
There is nothing heroic about being a sheep.
AWAAlum 8
It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.
Tim Dyck -3
Just a question...what kind of mask do you wear? Has it got a rating stamped on it? Is it fully fitted? I only ask because it your going to be the arrogant dictator telling others what to do you should first make sure your mask is even capable of protecting you from a virus.
AWAAlum 1
Informing others to do what is being recommended as a step toward ending the horrific health hazard in an effort to keep humanity healthy and safe is not arrogant. It's common sense. I'm doing my part. Are you?
AWAAlum 0
If, as you say, you fear people who are right, then you should be hopping for joy at being wrong.
M20ExecDriver -4
Civic responsibility. It died with the self centered prozac (boomer) generation. If it doesn't please them they won't do it even if they need to facilitate the death of their relatives to exercise their "rights".
So you think a mask on me protects you from COVID? Then you can wear two or three masks to "be safe".
Huck Finn -7
Well Keith, I don't remember canceling my citizenship this past year. I remember I fought hard against wearing the mask and mask mandates. I am still fighting hard against these and don't except the dictates of a governmental institution that tells me I must wear a mask. That's getting in my face and I don't like that. If this is getting in your face Keith then so be it.
VKSheridan 28
I see the mask mandates no different than the common “no shirt, no shoes, no service” rule. A passenger can get fined and kicked off the plane for refusing to leave the lavatory, refusing to buckle up or refusing to quit playing with matches. If abiding by CDC recommendations on board is too crushing on ones soul to oblige, it’s not the flight attendants job to negotiate middle ground. Don’t fly, problem solved.

Everyone certainly has a right to express their beliefs but a business has the right to refuse service if one tries to use their assets as a platform of dissent and FAA disobedience.

It’s amazing how easily people get offended/outraged these days when they’re asked to do something as simple as put on a mask. God forbid they be asked to ration like in WWII…….
William Mihok 1
The CDC has lost all credibility!
mikeenderle -2
How do you feel mandating vaccines? Forced abortions? Genital mutilation? It's all for the greater good, no? Who gets to decide what's reasonable? What evidence do they need? Right now a very small group of people get to decide massive changes in society with nearly zero supporting evidence
skinutca 1
Mandating vaccines to fly? Possibly. Most schools mandate a variety of vaccines and have for decades. Some universities will require a Covid vaccine for the Fall. Still a choice though, can dropout or transfer.
Don Whyte 19
Listen up fool. If masks are so inefficient why hasn't there been a flu season? Because mask use along with other measures like physical distancing and hand sanitization have cut down transmission of these viruses. Maybe surgeons should stop wearing masks???

Masks aren't perfect but then nothing is.
Huck Finn -9
Future flu seasons will be met by Americans who have weakened their own immune systems by the mask of servitude.
ksmith610 5
You are a genuine Trumpanzee subhuman simian.
Huck Finn 2
And you are a name-calling tyrant.
AWAAlum 2
You might do well to read back over your posts and discover how often you've done the name-calling.

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AWAAlum 6
Would love to see what genuine research has made such blatant statements. Personally, my humble opinion is you believe what you like to believe. Where do you see verification that "this was all created by government". Verification. Facts. Me? I'd rather do what is being recommended by science than keel over dead from a virus that I could have prevented catching by simply wearing a mask.
Gary Ondrey -3
Yes, that nasty virus that kills less than 1% of people infected. The good old government sure has your number. Dr. Fakeci and Bill Gates would be so proud of you
AWAAlum 4
If you consider statistics to be unreliable, that's your cross to bear. And if the government has my number, so be it. But I'll bet it has yours under a microscope know the saying - keep your friends close, etc.. We're doing just fine, thanks very much.
AWAAlum 3
Offering my posts today aren't concerning aviation...which is what this site is all about. I allowed my passions to influence my words.
M20ExecDriver 18
There's nothing in the Constitution that says you have the right to fly on a regulated air carrier. Right, wrong or indifferent, obey the rules or find other means of transportation.
mikeenderle 1
You are correct in that statement. I believe that the constitution should have a "right to travel" as a civil liberty. Also, you don't have a right to go to the supermarket. This gives corporations an insane amount of power. Mask or no-mask is essentially a political litmus test. It'snot righttthat people should be barred from society for their opinions.
Right to travel as a civil liberty? Fine. Drive your car or walk if you don’t want to follow the rules and restrictions of the private corporation that is providing you the option to save your time. As far as being barred from society, you’ll have to connect those dots for me. Anyone can do what they want within the context of the law, except when they directly threaten said society, it’s not their opinions, it’s their actions that are the threat.
jsreed5 5
Regardless of what people think about masks, their efficacy, and their presence in today's society, the bigger problem I have with this specific article is its editorial language.

Some people don't like to use or read swear words, and seeing an article with one quite prominent is sometimes off-putting or annoying--and certainly not kosher in a professional environment.

It's also an opinion of the author that such people should be labeled that way. The article is full of author opinions and not factual statements, such as "20 of those cases... is not enough" and "[T]hose are rookie numbers because, really, this is just ridiculous at this point." I know jalopnik is a site that heavily editorializes its articles, but that in my view does not excuse the behavior. An article sticking purely to facts would simply talk about the numbers and give context such as federal mandtes and airline policies, nothing more.

Especially when going to a site like FlightAware that strives to provide accurate information to its uses, I'd like to be presented with articles that stick to objective statements only. Or at least, if opinion pieces are going to be shared, I'd like to see them marked as such.
Tim Dyck 3
Excellent summery. Regardless of what side your on that was a truly horrible article.
AWAAlum -1
Gotta admit at least you make me smile...your spelling is a hoot. P.S. Also, kudos for not caving and changing your last name ... that took genuine strength of character. (j/k)
AWAAlum 10
So many things baffle me these days. What in all that's holy are these anti-maskers all in an uproar about? WEAR THE DAMN MASK. End result: either it does nothing, or it saves your life. There is no down side to that and humanity goes on. Get over it people and join all those who want to help end this nightmare.
ReverendLee 3
But . . . but . . . FREE-EEE-EEEEE-DOM!
AWAAlum 4
I truly hope that was sarcasm.
David Stark 13
No room for dissent here, obviously. The article's bias ("shitty") is blatant.

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William Mihok 8
Wrong. CDC has no authority to mandate mask and has not followed the "science"!
A Sellitto -3
You are in the wrong group. You should join the space cadets!
AWAAlum -2
Serious question: Are you 10?
mikeenderle 5
I'd love to see some evidence of that instead of your triggered emotions.
Russ Nelson 10
This is 2021. Masks, to the extent that they accomplish anything, accomplished it. Everyone has been exposed to the virus by now. It's time to stop wearing masks, and for entities to stop forcing people to wear masks.
William Mihok 6
Thomas Ljung 2
The people that still have the ability to think for themself, are the ones that going to survive. The people following the dictatots are the shitty ones.
AWAAlum 0
That has nothing to do with survivability ... I have no issue listening to and following the recommendations of the people who know more about this than I. If the anti-maskers wan to label that in the negative, let them. I want to live and be healthy, and that means sometimes bowing to the expertise of others.
If I wear a mask for a year or so and they find out it really didn't help....what have I lost?
Huck Finn -8
Your freedom.
lfilipov747 2
William Mihok -9
Your First Commandment rights!
clarify 5
The First Commandment, provided you're talking about the Ten Commandments, is a prohibition, not a right.

Perhaps you meant the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? Here's what that says: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

So where exactly does it say you have the right to not wear a mask on an airline?
The problem is still that the knowledge about the virus and its variants and how they exist is still not fully understood even by scientists. What the world has done is try various scenarios to try and combat the spread such as wearing of masks, social distancing etc. The success of any scenario is only based on numbers of cases, however the rise or decline of cases is not proven yet regarding the scenarios. The fact that this virus is mutating frequently with new strains and variants is causing panic as some existing measures seem to be failing while others are a bit more successful. However in the worst case view on this virus is that it will not stop soon. How we as a human race deal with it is down to us. Yes regulations even if they do not seem to be working are in place and just helping everyone by keeping to them is not only a good thing but when the scientists come up with better results or alternative measures they could be more easily acceptable to everyone. Masks and lockdowns are not popular but nobody has come up yet with a viable alternative except the vaccine which due to the logistics of providing everyone in the world immediately cannot be done, so other things have to be in place until that happens.
So you are saying it's smart to just try some random things, even though they don't really work, to control something that obviously does not lend itself to control? Human beings have lived with microbes on this planet since the dawn of time. This is the first one that manages to trigger a completely irrational set of measures, just because the need to feel that we are doing something. You know there ARE risks and downsides to all of these measures, INCLUDING masks. None of these have been considered at all, that needs to start changing now that many of these measures seem to turn into semi-permanent features.
Philip Speet 14
On Australian Airlines you have to wear a mask from the time you enter your departure terminal until you exit your arrival terminal. The only time you don't have to wear a mask is while eating/drinking. No ifs or buts. This gives us a better chance of staying safe. It's called thinking of others (and yourself) to keep healthy. If you don't like it, don't fly. Simple! Just do it!
No ifs or buts? Really? Did they set a maximum time for eating or drinking also?
Utter nonsense, the fact that the air is recirculating the plane and everyone is sitting so close makes the masks pure theatre anyway.
A better chance of "staying safe" .. yeah sure, feel free to hide under your bed for the next decade or two so ....

I like the way covid can;t spread when eating or drinking ....
electroman00 2
Suggest you educate yourself before making such pathetically ignorant/stupid statements...for you don't even realized the lethal harm you are doing !!!

:D :D !! "Educate yourself" "The people currently saying 'educate yourself' are almost never willing to educate themselves. It has become a mechanism by which under-informed people just try to make everyone else agree with them."

Harm I am doing ? really, I haven't flown since 2019, how about you ?
and lethal harm ? haha - maybe you should "educate yourself" about the actual dangers of covid,
The CDC have very good data on the subject.
electroman00 -3
I haven't flown since 2019, how about you ?

Flew 2 days ago in the Captains seat...

Maybe I misunderstood your fore or against masks in flight?
AWAAlum -2
I'd rather hide under my bed or anywhere else for that matter, except 6 feet under which is where you're risking by ignoring science.
Steve Sliwa 6
Shitty? Really, FlightAware. Keep your scatalogical opinions to yourself.
chugheset 6
That's the writer at Jalopnik's opinion, not FlightAware.
chugheset 6
They're just priming the pump for the vaccination "passport". Oh, you don't want to wear a mask? Fine, may I see your papers please (spoken in your best German accent). If they encourage you to get vaccinated and you do, should you be able to fly without a mask (passport or otherwise)?
IF people would act like mature adults,the masks would not be an issue..although i DO agree that flight attndants and sometimes ground personnel with any airline,get a bit "power hungry",do you not wear a seatbelt in your car,or wear shirs and shoes at a resaturant,or not use your cell phone inside a hospital,and lots of other "requested rules" of order for a specific location or event?its no big deal and it is NOT a permanent request..its inly a "help" to controlling the spread of the viruse,which is airborne and now has several variants!
Spin Wing 4
I think we should force everyone to wear seatbelts, even when they’re not in cars. That’ll keep everyone even safer.
Highly unlikely masks in an airplane have any impact on the spread of the disease. Mask wearing by the general public has already been disproven as an effective measure by multiple randomised controlled trials. In the case of an airplane it's even more questionable. The entire airmass inside the cabin gets completely exchanged in the space of about 3 minutes. The small amount that is recirculated goes through HEPA filters. Your mask is about as useful as a sledgehammer in killing a fly.
Nigel Rigg 8
Not sure which trials you're referring to there? All the trials I've seen have proven how effective mask wearing is! Even without a trial it's obvious, isn't it?
Russ Nelson 8
Both the CDC and WHO did meta-studies in 2019 of mask effectiveness. They found NO evidence that they protect against viral transmission. What has changed since then? Different virus, but it's still a virus.
Did you miss the Labeling on Mask Boxes/Packages the Masks come inside?.. "NOT EFFECTIVE FOR PREVENTION OF BIOLOGICAL DISEASE or BACRRIA TRANSMISSION"...
Colin Seftel 2
Those are NOT surgical masks! Chuck them out and get proper surgical masks.
Tim Dyck 1
What is your definition of a proper surgical mask?
electroman00 1
"Even without a trial it's obvious, isn't it?"

Not obvious to idiots...obviously!!
mikeenderle 6
It's 2021. It's time to move the fck forward. Is the world like Australia? Literally ONE case and a full lock down. When does this end?
garritt 6
their shutdown worked....saved thousands of New Zealand on 28 died...they were mostly open a couple months of shutdown...If the USA did that a 1/2 million Americans would still be alive 10's of millions would have not been hospitalized
strickerje 1
Being an island with effectively controlled borders helped too. Plus, you have to remember that it isn't simply a choice between saving lives or not saving lives - the lockdowns have a human cost as well in the form of suicides, drug overdoses, and domestic violence.
When everyone cooperates , wears masks and gets vaccinated. Follow science not politicians.
dmedders 7
Correct, Dick. Once again, here is some actual science: "Penetration of cloth masks by particles was almost 97% and medical masks 44%." "This study is the first RCT of cloth masks, and the results caution against the use of cloth masks. This is an important finding to inform occupational health and safety. Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection."

Your face woobie will not protect you or anyone else.

Follow the science!!
Duane Mader 4
How many mask cultists constantly pull on their masks and touch them? If they ARE working, what’s on the outside of that thing hmmm? Ever seen what virology lab techs wear?
That study is not exactly settled science. One peer review pointed out: "When 85% of the viruses found in laboratory tests were rhinoviruses, which are about four times smaller than SARS-CoV2, no conclusion from this article can be applied to COVID-19/SARS-CoV2. No coronaviruses of any kind were found even though the tests were performed. Finally, their claim that "Penetration of cloth masks by particles was almost 97%" is of no value when the particles sizes are not stated. Furthermore, since many viruses, such as influenza, herpes simplex, and coronaviruses are surrounded by a fatty layer, called a "lipid envelope," one wonders about the choice of sodium chloride particles instead of oil particles, taking in consideration that the instrument used (TSI 8110 Filter tester) can use either."

Further, even the authors of the study further clarified (in March, 2020) that any respiratory protection is better than no protection in the case of Covid-19.

What *is* pretty much settled is that wearing a mask won't kill you, so just wear the damned thing on the airplane.
dmedders 3
Science is never “settled” — that’s not how science works.
Greg77FA 8
I think all these safety rules at the airport are an utter joke. As when you get on a plane, your head is less than 2 feet from another passengers head. And no mask will make a difference as on any longer flight, people are pretending to drink/eat so they can take off their sweaty hot masks. Zero common senses among officials. I took the vaccine, as I do think the virus is real, but people should be FREE to do what they want.
dmedders 6
It is fascinating watching the lengths to which some people will go to maintain the illusion of face woobie efficacy. For those unfamiliar, a woobie is a safety blanket that provides only the feeling of safety -- not actual safety.

The CDC website includes 10 randomized controlled trials conducted over 74 years, all showing face woobies are not effective in preventing transmission of viruses the size of COVID-19.

So....every down-vote is a vote against actual science.
Masks work. Science doesn’t care about your politics.
dmedders 4
Published by the CDC, note COVID-19 and various influenza strains are similar in size: "In our systematic review, we identified 10 RCTs that reported estimates of the effectiveness of face masks in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the community from literature published during 1946–July 27, 2018. In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks" "None of the household studies reported a significant reduction in secondary laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the face mask group" "Our systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza."

This is actual science, Dick, published by the CDC -- not the political science you are following.

That said, feel free to wear your face woobie...
Joe Fitzgerald -1
This CDC report indicates that masks do in fact work, at least for SARS-CoV-2
dmedders 2
Ten RCTs conducted over 70+ years or data tortured, then published in a highly politicized environment to support a political decision…what should we trust?
William Mihok 7
I don't blame the passengers! Time to stop mask requirements and prohibit "vaccine passports"!
mikeenderle 7
Absolutely. It's scary how much the elite class is willing to take from their enemies.
Richard Isbell -3
Because your understanding of science is based on your high school science class?
Gary Ondrey 3
Enough already !! Do you think that possibly people are starting to feel that enough is ENOUGH !! We've been lied to for long enough !! We were told that once we were vaccinated that masks wouldn't be required...well they still are, so why the hell get vaccinated !! Despite the government and airlines best efforts to make mask wearing the new normal, IT'S NOT and never will be. Stop promoting this fake and farcical narritive that masks work and that people are safer wearing them on a plane. People are getting frustrated and rightfully so. You want these incidents on-board planes to stop, then start making it more pleasant and humane to fly again
AWAAlum 0
Not so - I'm in Washington State, and we vaccinated folk are out and about without masks, unless we are planning on being in a densely populated area. Hang on, pal - progress is slow but sure. We have to keep in mind this is all new uncharted waters we're in, and we're finding our way.
Huck Finn 3
Does anyone cherish our God given freedom anymore? Why are you so willing to give up freedom in the name of 'safety'? I quote Ben Franklin: Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both. He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither. Thomas Jefferson also said: He who gives his freedom for safety gets none of them.
Randy Marco -3
First, there is no God so that makes you a fool.

Second, you have the freedom to not fly or go live in a rabbit hole where you belong.
Tim Dyck 1
Why so much anger? People are free to believe in whatever religion or no religion at all. How does it hurt you that someone believes differently? Try just living as you please and let others live as they please.
AWAAlum 1
Not when what they believe could affect the safety of others.
Randy Marco 0
Because religion has been and currently is the cause of most wars since recorded history... and it's all fiction! Pure insanity!
dmedders 2
It is truly fascinating to watch this religious war over face woobies!

The best a data tortured, non-RCT, report by CDC can claim is one to two percent infection reduction with face woobies. The same report shows increased death rate associated with mask use at some points – but I digress.

Meanwhile, an actual RCT -- -- conducted in Singapore shows hydroxychloroquine and povidone-iodine throat spray reduce infection rates by 20 percent. Vitamin C and zinc in combination also showed similar results – though there was not sufficient evidence to claim statistical significance.

We should contemplate why we are fighting over ineffective face blankets instead of screaming for hydroxychloroquine to rain from the sky.

I will leave the reader to contemplate why we are following the political science instead of the medical science.
DNev -3
If you believe that masks work, and your wearing one, then you are protected. It's hypocritical to claim that they work only if everyone wears one. Total lunacy.
It doesn't limit your ability to get a airborne sickness from someone, it limits your ability to spread an airborne sickness to others. That's why surgeons wear masks, and not the patient on the operating table.
Russ Nelson 4
Surgeons wear masks 1) for a limited period of time, 2) professionally, 3) fitted, 4) to protect against bacteria, not viruses.
And they know proper donning/doffing procedures. 95% of Americans do not. I see poor mask handling, thus negating the effectiveness of the masks, every day.
Tim Dyck 1
How does it limit your ability to spread an airborne virus to others?
Oh and BTW surgeons don’t wear the same mask we see people wearing. In fact it’s not a mask but a fitted medical grade N95 respirator.
DNev 1
Did you even think before penning that ridiculous thought? By that logic, every surgeon wears a mask because they are sick and infected and don't want to give it to the patient they are working on. Statements like show how numb to the truth you have to be to think masks stop you from getting covid.
Geoff Davies 1
not wearing a mask on a flight is one way not to stay safe so do it.also tests before you fly,a negative test is what u want then no one should have a issue and no fines.Qantas have or will bring testing before boarding no test no flying.
Ed Schijf 1
To use the word "freedom" time and again in order to refuse wearing a mask looks terribly selfish and ridiculous. It gives people the "freedom" to infect others.....
k1121j -3
Having witnessed cases of flight attendants over reacting and seemingly power hungry with this mandate basically blowing out of proportion this rule. I have witnessed Yelling at passengers for no reason at all as well as multiple times passengers not putting on the mask fast enough after taking a bite to eat and the attendant immediately running to them to harrass. them and threaten to remove them from the plane. Im sure some cases are warented however the crews I think have forgotten who the customer is and how customer service works.
Highflyer1950 21
I’m not sure I would call them power hungry, rather just fed up being in such close proximity to the legions of ignorant, disrespectful, self-entitled passengers who mainly display the personal hygiene of an animal on the Serengeti! Over a year of this pandemic chaos will and does get everyone down, especially those in customer service.
k1121j 7
I get what you are saying however that is not excuse to treat every passenger that way. There is a thing called customer service. And i agree 100% those who choose to break the rules should be shown no mercy but that does not justify treating every passenger as cattle.
Nigel Rigg 2
That is exactly a reason to treat every passenger that way. Customer service is secondary to health right now and whilst someone might be berated for taking an opportunity of leaving their mask off a little longer than necessary, all the other passengers consider the crews instructions as good customer service for them.
btweston 6
Power hungry for enforcing a rule that they are required to enforce?

Yeah. That computes.
Yea, the virus seems to be more intelligent than flight attendants and mask wearers. The little critters behave well whilst the passenger is eating and when he's done then they immediately re-activate. They whole thing is a farce. And peer reviewed scientific research has shown that masks do not work for viruses !
Link please?
These mask mandates are completely idiotic. Is there even any data showing that they effective to start with? Who defines how much time you are allowed to spend eating or drinking? Completely arbitrary and subjective enforcement is the result of these rules.
Nigel Rigg 7
There is plenty of data if you look it up. Not idiotic at all.
Tests where they cough on paper with and without masks are disingenous at best, since people aren't going to be coughing in one anothers faces on a plane ... people tend to keep to themselves and breathe easily through their nose.

If masks had an effect, at the start of this pandemic when no one was wearing masks on planes we would have seen massive rates in the flight attendant/pilots community - we didn't.
electroman00 0
"If masks had an effect, at the start of this pandemic when no one was wearing masks on planes we would have seen massive rates in the flight attendant/pilots community - we didn't."

Hate to disillusion you...massive rates in the flight attendant/pilots community - we did!!

My daughter is FA she contracted covid first week of March along with 23 other FA's that month...March 2020 that is!!

You should get on one of her flights without a mask...last week she had a man arrested and banned from the airline...just for the fun of it!!

Not only playing the mask game but was drunk on the flight that does not serve alcohol...she instructed the captain to return to originating airport where they were waiting for him.

They need to charge people criminally and for the expenses incurred to the airlines and passengers!!

You then would hopefully see these little idiot children behave themselves...

It's bad enough that at any given time I might have to deal with an in flight emergency...I shouldn't have to deal with a F'ing a$$hole passenger and rick anyone's life and well being!!
Robert Lewis 7
Not a particularly well thought out or written contribution to the discussion.
linbb -4
Sounds like you are one of the people who feel entitled to do whatever you please when rules dictate different behavior. You are part of the ongoing problem with things these days with anything you feel doesn't fit your life style.

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k1121j 6
id say you are 100% wrong but given your reply id say you are one of the problematic ones.
sconklan 0
This silliness will end soon because there isn't any money in the treasury to save these woke airlines that sooner or later will need paying customers.
Russ Nelson -4
Get woke, go broke.
Randy Marco 0
Cut taxes, spend and spend on the miltary, watch faux news.... go broke AND get stupider!
Ron Cline 1
Freedom over Fear
A feeling of enjoyment, fun and romance was long ago removed from being transported by commercial flight.
Shut up and get in line, our great leadership says.
Walk, bike or drive! Freedom over Fear!
Tim Dyck 2
I remember when airlines treated passengers like customers. Times have changed...
ExPatHere -2
Just get the jab….Problem solved.

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lfilipov747 1
Nice to see someone else who has done their homework. Sad for all my friends and family who have blindly followed the masses.
When the factual data doesn't fit your hypothesis, fabricate your own statistics!
skinutca -9
True, and one they are fully authorized, I expect and hope airlines will require them. It would mean many fewer flights to Florida, just as some cruise lines are going to skip the state due to their anti-vax law.
AWAAlum 2
There are actual anti-vax laws?
strickerje 1
I'm guessing he's referring to Florida's prohibition on businesses demanding proof of vaccination for entry - the governor's stated reason is that this constitutes medical records protected by HIPPA laws. It's a bit disingenuous to call it an "anti-vax law", but such is the way in our hyper-partisan society.
Nathan Cox 0
I’ve read some of the comments here. CDC guidelines are NOT based on science. It’s based on people like Fauci getting up in front of the microphone and telling people what to do. Show me the peer reviewed studies showing that masks work. Oh, and make sure you check how bandanas, t-shirt masks and surgical masks, and homemade work while you’re at it. And while you’re checking numbers go ahead and check flu cases this year and last. You won’t find many. Why? Because Covid replaces all those numbers so they could push the masks/vaccines/lockdowns. If you don’t get it by now, I don’t know what it’s going to take. Do your research people. Don’t buy the MSM narrative. Research independent doctors who have looked into this. I know it’s hard, but the information is out there. BTW. The “vaccine” is worse than the virus. DNA modifying pin pricks. I’ll never touch it. That said, if an airline requires you to wear a face diaper, then either don’t fly or wear the face diaper like you’re instructed to do. You won’t be a hero for making a scene with the FA’s and Captain.
Breaks my HEART, as a Former Commercial Pilot... But we have decided to NOT FLY ANY DOMESTIC USA AIRLINES that have ANY TYPE of SILLY COVID19 Protocols. We has as well decided to NOT BOOK on American Airlines or United Airlines for the next 5 YEARS! Because of the manner in which they have TREATED PAX, for the last 14 MONTHS!!
AWAAlum 1
What do you believe this will accomplish?
Robert Lewis 0
I wonder how many folks are refusing to book on Delta because of their wokeness in protesting the new Georgia election law. But then that's another issue...not!
Huck Finn -4
Wow, Americans have come a long way toward the police state. We have willingly acquiesced to the state tyrants who have mandated masks inside and outside for all people in spite of the 'science' that is conflicted as to the efficacy of the mask itself. I look at these mandates and the incursion into the civil liberties of all Americans and the Gestapo like enforcement by our 'fellow Americans'. I choose not to wear a mask nor will I willingly don one of these symbols of mass capitulation to a medical tyranny such as the CDC. When you hand over your freedom so willingly don't expect to ever see it again.
Robert Katz 1
Agreed....but why your silence on having to wear helmets on motorcycles, and safety belts in cars. Total Government overreach.
RC Pate -5
look, if you are vaccinated it should not matter; simply allow no masks if vaccination card presented......otherwise, what is the message...get vaccinated and still continue to live in these ridiculous masks??????ridiculous!!! (which all earlier CDC reports indicated little or no effect...really, for show only)
Huck Finn 2
Having to show your 'papers' that says you are vaccinated is abhorrent to say the least. We are Americans first.
Rob Hall 1
You don't have to wear a mask...and the airline is not required to let you on the plane without one. Simple choice you can make, fly or not fly. Enjoy your 'freedom' to make foolish decisions, just don't expect others to make exceptions for you.
Chuck Lavazzi 0
And yet vaccinations and proof of same have been part of international travel for decades. Perhaps if you hadn't slept through history class, you'd know that.
strickerje 1
There's a difference between requirements to enter a foreign country and restrictions on domestic travel. No need for the personal attack...
Huck Finn -1
Wonder what the penalty would be for farting while flying especially with the push to stop cow farts by the envirowhackos. Many is the time that I have cranked off a few especially while flying after eating something gassy! The good part is no one can hear them and it is a gasser to watch my fellow passengers make a face!!
AWAAlum -1
I've seen many brainless postings here over the years - You win.
Tim Dyck -1
I like eating a nice big bowl of chili befor I fly and then watching people’s reactions as I fart my way across the country. And when you get up to go to the can you can crop dust all the way there and back.
So you think that no one had the flu no one you are a fool!
I'm trying to remember - why can't we smoke in airplanes? Should I be protesting that my constitutional rights to smoke are being infringed?
Craig Good 0
Just put them all on the permanent no-fly list.
eric pearson -6
America used to be a free country until it was overrun by Marxists parading around as Democrats. The science does not prove masks prevent transmission of any virus. If you like the idea of unelected people telling you MUST do something because they said so, please stay home. Let us know the next time you mask-up for the flu. It is curious that the states that are still masked-up have significantly higher resurgent rates than areas/states that are not wearing the for brazen acts of violence against innocent people, go straight to jail and do not collect $200...
Randy Marco -2
I sure hope you don't have any offspring; thereby contributing to the dumbing down of America.
Chuck Lavazzi -2
Put the little whiners on "no-fly"lists. Problem solved.
AWAAlum -2
If so many are irrationally upset by having to live by rules and laws, it might be time for you to find a lawless nation somewhere and move to it. Seems the only thing that will make you happy. But hurry - the longer you wander around maskless in our wonderful country, the greater the chance of falling ill with Covid-19...and spreading it to others. Hey wait - maybe that's the answer to ending the pandemic...survival of the smartest.
ksmith610 -3
If intelligence tests were required to be a pilot (and basic tests in empathy, compassion and decency) most of the idiots posting here would be disqualified and the world would be better for it. I hope all the anti-mask vermin posting here get the appropriate karma payback, as it is evidently well-earned. Filth.
AWAAlum 4
Gary Demos 0
The real mask is over the eyes of those who close their brain and follow the crowd. If you really believe all the the mainstream world-wide narrative regarding COVID, and safety, and following the "science", then you need to study history to see where masses were duped by authoritarian regimes into doing things unthinkable.
great made my day
Simple is you, we are the government, they are not our parents. They can’t even take care of their business, if their lips are moving they are lying, would not believe them if their tongue was notarized. Quit being a sheep and maybe have a thought of your own. This is not a communist country yet, but you people giving away your rights at every turn is leading us up that road.
alex hidveghy 2
You had me until your partisan, stupid comment about communism! You really don’t have a clue, do you? I know FAR more about Communism than you can ever hope to since I have direct, personal experience.
The FAA have a ZERO tolerance for air rage this past year and they’re coming down hard in ANYONE who refuses to obey the crew instructions. Each fine is over $10,000 with a possible ban on flying, too. You want all that hassle, go for it. Just make sure you have plenty of money to burn and never want to fly again.
It’s really simple. Everyone knows the rules, just comply.
Chris Dansereau 1
If you liked following the rules so much why did you not stay there,🙈🙈


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