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Trading halted after Boeing doesn’t expect regulators to allow the 737 MAX to fly until June

Boeing doesn’t expect regulators to sign off on the 737 Max until June or July, people familiar with the matter said Tuesday. That date is months later than the manufacturer previously expected. The delays pose another headache for carriers who have already missed one peak travel season without the planes. Shares of the aircraft manufacturer fell on the news, falling by more than 5% in the mid-afternoon before trading was halted. ( More...

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Jim Dollan 18
I still can't get my head around the fact that the man responsible for all of this, was sacked and given a farewell package of $60Million+. As the man responsible for the deaths of 350+ people, and as CEO he was responsible, he should be facing criminal charges not riding away into the sunset with a wad of cash. Furthermore with Trading halted it appears that more is being done to protect Boeing than to help the families involved in this tragedy and Airlines around the world who are loosing millions as a result.
Carl Richards 5
His day will come, these things just take time.
lyn williams 4
Karma will catch up with his Dogma. Might not be this week or next or even the next ten years, but it WILL catch up with him.
Dale Rowett 3
The buck stops with the man in the corner office, but the problems at Boeing are the result of a cultural shift that took place after the McDonnell merger. I found this On Point episode very revealing.
john doe 2
Here's what will happen to him: he will be hired by the next major US corporation that needs a CEO. In short, Big Business does not think like ordinary people.

And anyone who believes sixty mil is a "big" golden umbrella should've been paying attention when Bob Nardelli pocketed close to a quarter of a billion for getting fired from THD, after nearly wrecking the joint. Now THAT's a CEO! :-D
btweston 5
Welcome to capitalism.
Rob Palmer 1
Or, not capitalism, but cronyism and bad management? He didn't have a chance of holding up introducing this new plane. let's face it. Capitalism, not a culture, is just a bunch of people raising money for a big effort; it has gotten a bad name, thanx to K. Marx.
Rich Pasco 1
So be my guest flying those great communist built aircraft.
Atanu Dey 1
Capitalism is what the market is doing to Boeing for its mistakes. The headline says that trading was halted because the stock was falling.
Larry Tullos 4
The market punishment doesn't come without the management failures. Two sides of the same coin that is tarnished by the pursuit of profits over excellence and priority of shareholder equity over other stakeholders.
Gary Harper 3
I'm beginning to think that this FAA investigation has gone far beyond finding and resolving the design flaw and assuring it can never happen again. Its beginning to look like the destruction of a corporation by the FAA.
Rob Palmer 1
Or by other foreign business interests. Back to Harvard Business 101? Tom Dunne only lived to be 100.
David Beattie 1
Reminds me of their destruction of Bob Hoover!
Don Quixote -1
Agreed. This sure does seem like it's taking a lot longer than it should. The MAX fixes and updates have been completed for months.
Rob Palmer 1
The American saga; "Building an Edsel". I used to work at Boeing; feel like it had less cronyism when I was there. Please note I was not in top management, however.
Rob Palmer 4
All top management in all companies should learn a valuable lesson here. Like a halibut on the table, we should all examine and dissect what has happened, and not rush to judgement, and especially, not sweep the whole thing under the carpet. Edsels and Maxes have a valuable training aspect, there is no denying this. The engines DID NOT fit the plane; forget computer correction, let's just STOP.
From the Telegraph (UK):
Boeing has been forced to halt trading in its shares as the commercial aerospace titan warned of yet another delay to its grounded 737 Max fleet.

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john kilcher -7
Please don't underestimate your boy tRump jumping in to the fracas declaring the classic us against Europe should the Max 8 need his malicious help.
Our historically singular leader Donald J. Trump has already done more to improve this country than all other leaders in the last 50 years, and, most of our country's history.
Of course, I'm not completely happy, but, that's life.
I do fault him for following the criminal narrative that 911 was a terrorist operation, when, he allegedly had the common sense and knowledge of the dirty politics of this country to declare it as an inside job.
David Beattie 1
Gee, I think I hear heals clicking and a stiff armed salute for “Dear Leader”!
LOL Please provide examples. There's no greater act of submission than so sycophantically flying another man's flag. I believe his buddy Arabs have a word for that behavior...
Don Quixote 2
I could go on for an hour what great things Trump is doing to this country. But you'd just LOL and disregard anything I say. Waste of time with someone like you.
claireparr 4
I'm beginning to wonder if Boeing will survive this.
Steven Sims 1
Sure it will. Just look into the shenanigans that NASA and Congress are trying to pull to essentially make the Boeing / Starliner "CCtCap" contract a no-bid, sole-source deal.
Or the $4+ Billion NASA has already paid to Boeing to certify the Starliner by 2017. (Spoiler alert: Hasn't happened yet, but the checks cleared the bank.)
The fix is already in.
James Bruton 4
If and when Southwest and American negotiate with Airbus to fill their inventory with replacement aircraft will be the deathblow to the 737 MAX, as well it should be. Boeing needs to indroduce a NEW plane not a retrofit.
Jamar Jackson 9
They really designed a piece of crap by putting those big bypass engines on a plane originally designed with those skinny PW JT8D engines. Throw that max away
However, Jamar, they did re-engineer the landing gear and raise it to accommodate the larger fan jets.
That was good engineering.
It is the construction by untrained or ill-trained workers that is the big risk now.
IMHO, the MAX 800 should stay, but, it must be built correctly and flown competently.

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ImperialEagle 2
It all does make one wonder what they aren't talking about.
Me thinks we the public don't know all the information. Remember, the FAA is a Government agency.
Also, since the FAA DID issue the Max an C of A, there are a lot of Government employees scrambling to cover their A$$es before tthis debacle goes to court.

LLoyd's knows whats going on.
wingbolt 2
Kind of a legal insider trading (or lack of) I guess.
Dave Mathes 1
......June of what year........
john doe 0
Trading "halted"? By what? The customary end-of-day closing of the markets?
Maybe Chapter 11 to protect the core assets off Boeing and not have to pay suppliers the Millions it will owe
john kilcher 0
Wait, there is more. The new head honcho @ Boeing is refocusing on the NMA. The Max will be toast methinks.
paul gilpin -1
a great aviation blog has morphed into a financial blog.
the 21st century is finally here in it's entirety.
might as well be zerohedge for all the spewage.

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Don Quixote 16
Boeing's stock halted from 2:15 to 2:50
Torsten Hoff 12

"Boeing (BA) shares were halted Tuesday afternoon, ahead of that release of news. The shares fell 5.5% before the halt then came back slightly following the statement more than 3%."

Trading in Boeing was temporarily halted but resumed before the market closed.
paul trubits -1
The stock market "closes" at 4pm EST. Stocks continue to trade "after hours". I am not sure what this has to do with aviation.
Bryan Nethery 1
That looked funny to me as well since I thought it was 4 p.m. too. I guess should've followed my normal practice of not trusting what I read in one spot and should have verified my facts further. While my response to the squawk was misinformed, the story itself is clearly aviation related.


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