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Dallas flight crashes into hangar at takeoff

Breaking news: Beech Twin with 10 aboard presumed dead, after the aircraft crashed into an empty hangar during takeoff. ( More...

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WeatherWise 4
Per NTSB, CVR data indicates problem with left engine and cockpit confusion. 3 audible "Bank Angle" warnings were heard just before recording ended.
Sidney Smith 1
Things happen so, so, fast when they go wrong. BY the grace of God, I survived my big moments in flying.

[This poster has been suspended.]

There is information that the left prop had previously suffered a prop strike. Also the same source said the gearbox was not torn down. If that is the case and the gearbox failed then the core would continue to run and no power would be produced. The auto feather wouldn’t work because there would be no engine failure. Also the rudder boost wouldn’t sense a engine failure. I challenge you or any other pilot here to be able to recover from that. (Btw I have pics of the engine). What we need here is less speculation and more compassion. The other thing most don’t consider is something even more common and that is a engine runaway, where both engines are operating but the fuel control feeds almost unlimited fuel to one engine. I’ve seen that twice.
I pray for the people and families of those on board. Josiah, your comments are extremely unprofessional and show your ignorance.You weren't in the cockpit, you don't know what happened. It's comical to hear you compare this to a loss of an engine on a jet. Having only 15000+ hours commercial, all A/C react differently. I've flown A/C that you lose an engine you have seconds to get almost full opposite rudder and lower wing. My point, don't condem others when you have no fr*"" clue as to what happened in the cockpit. If it is determined pilot error then that's what it is. If it's isn't then that's what it is.
Thank you Scott. That needed to be said.
themold 1
Most likely got below Vmc.
matt jensen 2
Second King Air crash in ten days
joe milazzo 2
I fly a 350i. It’s very ez for maintenance to cross-rig the rudder much so that there is a required check on the run up to verify proper rigging. Let’s hope this wasn’t a factor.
Yes - two witnesses said it did, but noticed loss of power,
headed to St Petersburg - so I'd guess full fuel and PX
Carlos Bea 1
I used to fly a Super King Air, serial # 39 with NO auto feather or rudder assistance. You had about 3 seconds before it was all over.
The King Air crash in Hawaii,though a different model, was a similar scenario, a left rollover soon after takeoff. Is it just me, or are there a lot of BKA engine failures?

Also, how do you get a short to medium range aircraft from California to Hawaii? The Hawaii crash aircraft was a former California resident.
Eric Hoffman 1
Ferry tanks
Stefan Sobol 1
Fly from Alaska. Distance is the same but the winds can be better, particularly westbound.
Bob Poberezny 1
I haven't heard if they ever got airborne...anyone know?
30west 0
It says in the article whether it lifted off or not.
BaronG58 2
Yes it lifted off. At prox 200ft when things started going wrong.
yes thanks I did find that info earlier this aft.
Okay thanks, for some reason I couldn't get this particular article to display.
Too bad no pics can be posted here. I have a pic of the left engine and prop.......the pic would put a different spin than some are alluding to.
Jim DeTour 1
A pilot who observed the crash 55 seconds into the video.
He says the plane wasn't making takeoff power looking tail low and he knew something was wrong. After taking off it rolled left.

Maybe he didn't have pitch set for max power making it sound lower than usual takeoff power. No mention of losing an engine.
Bryan Jensen 1
Two scenarios require decreasing the pitch: failure of one engine and stall. If you are at Vyse and lose an engine you will go below Vyse if you don't decrease pitch. Fundamental law of aerodynamics. This sounds like either a Vmc roll over or an uncoordinated stall. Both of which are pilot error sadly. The King Air is a wonderful airplane, but just like aviation in general is terribly unforgiving of carelessness, error, and neglect. Hope the NTSB can make a proper determination as to the cause of this tragic event.
Let me know how you would handle a gear box failure.......I’m pretty sure Chuck Yeager himself couldn’t recover from that one.
Dave Rose 0
Helllloooo....Super King Air 350 is NOT a jet...freakin media....🇨🇱
Sure it is. A jet engine that drives a propeller, just like a 'fan jet' drives a propellor with a lot more blades and smaller diameter.
Sidney Smith 0
There are no bad airplanes, just less than adequate piloting sometimes. I have to wonder if it may have been over gross weight.
cmp5n -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

BE 350 Crash at ADS in Dallas

Sad news coming from KADS. No survivors from a crash of a King Air 350 during takeoff. Luckily The hangar was unoccupied at the time of the crash.

This can’t simply have been a power on stall, right? Maybe they lost and engine?


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