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Ottawa veut retourner les terres expropriées pour l’aéroport de Mirabel.

Le gouvernement de Pierre Elliott Trudeau avait exproprié quelque 97 000 acres de terres agricoles en 1969 pour la construction de l’aéroport qui devait devenir la plaque tournante du trafic aérien de passagers dans la région de Montréal. L’aventure s’est avérée un échec sur toute la ligne, culminant avec la démolition de l’aérogare en 2014. Environ 3000 familles avaient été touchées par ces expropriations. Depuis, quelque 80 000 acres de terrains ont été rétrocédées dans les années 1980. ( 更多...

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ne parle pas francais
But you can write it!!
You can use Google Translater if you got this very useful application.
The Pierre Elliott Trudeau government expropriated some 97,000 acres of farmland in 1969 for the construction of the airport, which was to become the hub of passenger air traffic in the Montreal area. The adventure proved a complete failure, culminating in the demolition of the terminal in 2014. Approximately 3,000 families had been affected by these expropriations. Since then, some 80,000 acres of land have been surrendered in the 1980s.
And google will translate the rest too but probably don't bother. I think it's just a political article leading into the Canadian Elections later in the year
Mirable was not a total failure, it became one.
Mirabel was not a total failure, it became one. The dramatic changes in the international situation contributed to that with the 1st major oil crisis but also, in a situation very similar to the shut down of the Avro project, the change of gouvernent from Liberal to Conservatives. Of course, the cost had exploded like just about any such project but in my opinion, the failure to complete the high speed links between Montréal downtown (subway), Dorval Airport (highway 13), etc. which represented the final steps for the survival of YMX, killed the whole entreprise. I was a terminal controller at YUL at the time and one had to see this airport on a busy Thursday to Monday weekend. Runway 10/28 often had to be closed to park airplanes and DOT pick-ups escorted city buses from Dorval to ferry passengers. There was also a increasing wave of citizen's protests in the US around "metro" airports and the project of a new airport in Japan was violently opposed by the neighbourhood. Noise abatement rules were more and more stringent and curfew hours important for operators of multimillion dollars airplanes. I believe DOT had that in mind with the concept of Mirabel also taking into consideration the costs of expropriations of industrial properties around Dorval to expend the airport. Maybe they expropriated to much land at Mirabel and probably to arrogantly, I don't know about that but a bunch of lawyers certainly did their best to make people believe so. While a controller in YVR some years later, one could see that the gouvernement had learn something from Mirabel. The extensive consultations with the public about the new runway to be build would have generated a lot more sympathy for Mirabel if the same approach had been adopted at the time. Other times, other methods… Other factors contributed to the zizanie like the DOT vision of "national" vs "international" traffic to segregate who could go to Dorval and who HAD to go to Mirabel. The reality of "transborder" flights of less than 1 hour became a major issue for Eastern, Delta, Allegheny, etc. and they started threatening DOT to abandon their routes if they could not have a counter in Dorval. Once that was granted, other not so "transborder" flights wanted the same. Finally, if their is such a possibility in this saga, the method of "shuttles" to carry passengers to/from the terminal was not very popular and efficient. It only added more delays to those to be added to get to the city.


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