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United Express ERJ-145 Slides Off The Runway, Injuries Reported

A CommutAir Embraer ERJ-145, operating on behalf of United Express on flight UA4933, has suffered a runway excursion at Presque Isle Airport in Maine. One of the plane's main landing gears was heavily damaged, wedging between the fuselage and the left engine. Initial reports indicate one pilot as well as three passengers sustained minor injuries and are being attended to by emergency personnel. ( 更多...

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ffrcobra1 9
Yep. It seems to always requires heavy damage to the landing gear to get it wedged between the engine and fuselage. Not too good for the wing either.
sparkie624 3
You are correct.... that is one you can't put on Deferral!
Relics 6
Quick and speedy recovery to the individuals injured.
Jim Leavitt 3
Pilot did a missed approach, called airport and asked for runway lights to be turned on. Runway lights at KPQI are radio controlled by pilot. Why didn't he know this? Was this his first trip there and he failed to properly prepare? His first instrument landing? Too fast for conditions? KPQI runway is 7,439 feet by 150 feet, lots of room.
sharon bias 3
Makes you wonder what else got damaged under all of that snow. Getting the luggage out will be fun, "not".
sparkie624 2
I was wondering how much damage is going to be done by Just Digging it out... Those people getting off the plane sure got a "Cool Exit" - LOL - With that being said... Seeing the location of the nose gear, it is going to be difficult to get under it to get it moved! Won't be able to just attach a Tow Bar when they pull or dig it out.
dee9bee 5
Spring is just around the corner and that snow will melt :-) Oops, then will come mud season up north. Disregard.
Mike Risney 1
Just drain the fuel, light it up and give the fire dept some hands on training. Airline should be able to get a decent loss on taxes.
Easy job. Stuff a couple of Mars bags under it, inflate, lay some 8x8s on the mud, back up a couple of Gerrys KLH or Trailking combo lowboys, deflate the Mars bags, and you'll have it out of there in 5 minutes.
sparkie624 1
Sounds easy... But reminds me of a old song by "The Essex".. "Easier Said Than Done" !
To get serious about it I realise this isn't an easy one at all, especially with one of the legs twisted between the engine and the fuselage, and much more difficult if they want to minimise further damage. I'm even thinking that with all the stress it took to rip the leg off, the frame might be toast anyway. There could be hairline cracks started all over the place.
sparkie624 1
I have seen worse... We had a CRJ-200 that had an O2 fire in the Nose caused by Deice fluid and Ground power.... Burnt a huge hole in the side of the fuselage, burnt a ton of electronics and cockpit stuff.. Took 6 months, but it was still repaired, and it was old than this one and had more damage.. Ultimately it comes down to the insurance.
Fastlife1k 2
Hopefully nobody was hurt too badly
I was on the recovery effort. 2 cranes, company from NJ to remove it. Not sure it will be back in flight. Both main gear ripped off along with damage to the engines from the landing gear hitting it. Front gear was bent backwards.
Thanks for the update. I imagine even if the total hull is lost they can recoup quite a bit from stripping it.
Bernie20910 2
"On behalf of the crew and all of us here at United Express, I'd like to thank you for flying with us today on the inaugural flight of our new 'Toboggan Class' service."
Fixable? Or will they write it off?
sparkie624 1
I am sure it will be fixed.. Not that only... Not even 20 years yet. It will probably be out of service for 4 to 6 weeks. It will be an insurance claim I am sure.
I get mailers all the time $45k sign on bonuses, base pay $70k/yr. sadly, it’s still not enough to hire me - I make more flying GA. You kept the pay too low too long dickheads. You make your bed and now you lie in it, in the grass off the side of runway 28 lol

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sparkie624 6
Crap Happens... I remember a similar incident with a 145, Crew did everything 100 percent correct... No Warnings or Cautions, but somehow the parking brake was set and when they touched down with all 4 mains locked all 4 mains blew simultaneously (or close to it) and filed the wheel hubs all the way down to the brakes... First thing everyone was saying was the crew should not have had the parking brake set. FDR proved they were not set, but the parking brake somehow failed locking all 4 without any warnings or cautions!.... Be careful before you blame... If something happens to you like that sometime I hope your boss is more understanding before handing you your pink slip!
If I remember, the braking system on the 145 is woven into the anti-skid. They work together. After retraction and spindown, all hydraulic pressure is removed from the gear and brakes. You will not have any braking until 2 seconds of WOW. This is to allow the wheels to spinup, activating the anti-skid and prevents the pilot from having a heavy foot at touchdown. Remember, the anti-skid does nothing until the pilot applies brakes. We are all trained to keep our heels on the floor unless you intentionally want to use the brakes.

The parking brake, which uses the exact hydraulic system, routes pressure to the brakes regardless. WOW is critically important since it tells the computer that you are on the ground or airborne. If you lose braking while taxiing, the WOW has failed and you must use the parking brake.

I don't understand the hydraulic lock in this situation. A shuttle valve controls fluid in all directions simultaneously. As it moves, it opens and closes more than one valve. Isn't there also an EICAS msg that the parking brake is set? I can't find my systems manual.

It's been 13 years since...............
sparkie624 1
It was our sister company and I never heard what the final fix was, but we have 4 wheel hubs.... Correction 4 70 wheel hubs... The rest was filed down the DEN runway!
saso792 6
With your "fired" comment, I assume you have all the facts and details about the incident. Maybe you can share them with the rest of the world so we can all jump on your all knowing band wagon. NOT!
James Simms 4
If he thinks he’s so good, why doesn’t he volunteer to be the Chief Pilot for AF1?


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