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Crashed Indonesia jet's recorder has two hours of cockpit voices

Indonesian investigators will start analyzing next week more than two hours of conversation held in the cockpit voice recorder of a jet that crashed into the Java Sea in October as they seek to unravel the cause of the nation’s worst aviation disaster in two decades. ( 更多...

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cparks 2
IIRC this airplane had previously been written up for spurious AoA issues. Perhaps the recordings of the other crew’s experience regarding this is captured in the other 1+45.
chalet 3
First time I learn that the CVR contains more than just a few minutes of recordings rendering the device as an almost useless apparatus, but ICAO, IATA, etc. still have a lot of work to do about: (A) Make sure that the Pitot tubes will never ever freeze make them easy to clean specially after aircraft spend long periods of inactivity in the tropics were insects had plugged them; (b) A fool- proof system to track aircraft say every 3 minutes when traversing the oceans and sparsely inhabited áreas; (c) Ordering that CVRs and FDRs be designed and manufactured to a much higher strength to withstand impact and fire, and that durability of the pinging system be much longer than that at the present time (the latter I think that they could last longer if they emit signals of say 30 seconds every two minutes or so, no need to run 24/7).
Neil49 2
Perhaps you missed the point that it was the LAST FLIGHT itself that lasted only about fifteen minutes, and obviously that will be the area of focus on the part of investigators.

As the headline clearly stated, there is more than TWO HOURS total of recorded information on the CVR.
chalet 5
No, I did not miss the point, if fact I meant to praise for this time the CVR had had recorded two hours not just a few minutes.I was referring to various other accidents in which the CVR in total had only a few minutes worth of cockpit conversations that proved to be inadequate for the investigators to learn what had transpired in the previous and precious say one or two hours before the accident.

Another suggestion that I have is that the CVR and FDR shall not and can not be disconnected by the flight crew, why, again I go back to previous accidents where the NTSB noticed to their chagrín that the tapes revealed nothing as the pilot or copilot had disconnected the CVR.
What a horrible thing to have to listen to; I'm glad it isn't my job, and hope it doesn't become public.
Flight control systems are to designed as fail safe. The AOA sensors should be voted and if they disagree out of limit, the system should by shut down. The more complex the flight control systems become, the more poor design decisions are made. For example side stick controllers that are not linked to each other.
F Minook 1
Each aircraft has two AOA sensors. I used to be a component failure engineer. I saw the data of the two AOA sensors in another article. The pilot's side AOA sensor data graph indicated that there was high levels of static entering the system and the computer was reacting to the static. The sensor was replaced but the ground test is inadequate to detect static interference when the aircraft is motionless. The cabling from the sensor to the computer may have been damaged during the assembly phase and allowed static charges to enter. Boeing can remedy this by comparing both sensor readings and alert the crew and maintenance if there is an anomaly between the readings. The FDR data indicated there was a problem even as the aircraft was taxiing for take off which brings me to the static interference conclusion. The skin of the aircraft will produce static interference.
You are very correct sir. The problem my not be in just the design, but in management and bean counters. The Challenger disaster is a perfect example. We are going to fly even if the engineers tell us the o-rings in the boosters will not seal at freezing temperatures.
No reason we can’t steam the CVR.... nvm the GgoInglight connection speed is horriable....
a p -9
If it's no Boeing Im not...ohh wait...


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