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First flying prototype of Boeing 777-9 gets its wings

Everett - The first flying prototype of the Boeing 777-9 has received its new CFRP (Carbon fiber reinforced polymer) wing in Seattle. Boeing published the images of the composite wings being assembled to the fuselage. ( More...

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Jamal Turner 1
It doesn't matter loyal customer will always wait
Chris B -7
I find this Boeing Promo material....boring.
David Beattie 1
Unless you are in charge of buying airliners, they don’t care. You want an airshow? Check YouTube.

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superliner 17
Eating away? Airbus has only garnered 173 orders for the -1000. Meanwhile, the 777-X has received 326 firm orders for both the -8 and the -9, of which 273 are for the -9.
Cansojr 8
Excellent response!
Mike Boote 3
Neither airframer has anything to worry about. The 777X will be a fine aircraft. The A350 already is.


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