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Hawaiian Airlines passengers, crew treated after pepper spray goes off

A dozen passengers and three flight attendants required medical attention Friday after a can of pepper spray went off inside the cabin of a Hawaiian Airlines plane, the airline said. Those affected were treated for respiratory issues after the plane landed in Kahului, Hawaii, around 10:30 a.m. local time, an airline spokesman said. The airline said a passenger had illegally brought pepper spray on board the flight, which originated in Oakland, Calif. The can discharged about three hours into the… ( 更多...

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This incident, as well as others have sparked me to continue flying myself. I generally make the trip faster, usually at my convenience, and the cabin attendant, my Labrador is always pleasant.

A plus for GA.
Art Murray 2
I remember when I bought a new Bonanza and flew it out of the factory with my sales rep to Washington, DC. Given the winds aloft and not having a layover to change planes somewhere, my port-to-port time MATCHED that of United. In a SEL airplane!

Did that again a couple years later when I was allowed to go along on the ferry of a new King Air C-90B. Same route, a ton of comfort, much higher altitude with good tailwinds and we beat United - by hours!

God, I miss that.
Your GA plane can get you from California to Hawaii? Very nice!
Leon Kay 5
I hope that the guilty passenger was one of those affected, and that a very heavy fine was imposed on this individual.

People blaming TSA, please explain it to me how you can make the difference between a hairspray and a pepper spray on a screen. The same people blaming TSA for this incident are the same people who would complain that TSA is too slow. And no, this couldn’t have resulted the plane to crash like mentioned below 🙄
An ex-owner of the alarm company got sprayed by the police chief in Bell, CA in a demonstration. My boss was not planned to be sprayed. As a result, he got allergic to sunlight. In all days he wore a hooded sweatshirt. Maybe the spray was in the beta test.
This is the story I was told by many people.
Wow, TSA fail.
sparkie624 1
Most Certainly
Beyond stupid. Stupid TSA, too busy body scanning 80 year old women and stupid passenger. The pepper spray may have been discharged accidentally but is was brought on board intentionally for a reason or reasons only the moron responsible for bringing it on board knows. This incident was an extremely dangerous situation and could have resulted in the loss of the airplane and all of the passengers.
chalet -3
Would it not have been a good mesure for the Captain to drop down momentarily to FL080, unpressure the aircraft and let fresh air in for several minutes and throw the can away through the cabin window. Sounds a simple thing to do but I am not too sure if it is possible.
Larry Toler 4
They would not do that. I got hit by pepper spray and I was blinded and in pain for a good 30 minutes. I stood with my face in the shower with cold water. I didn't have to seek medical attention as they did, but there's not much else to do but let it wear off.
chalet 1
correction: cockpit window.
don hodges 1
Followed by the idiot pax.


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