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Gulfstream G200 lands short of the runway at TGU - No fatalities

The plane had left KAUS this morning at 9:31 CT ( The crash left nine people injured, (seven passengers and two crew members) all are in stable condition at this time. The Honduran Civil Aeronautics Directorate will carry out the pertinent investigations in order to gather the necessary information to determine the possible causes of this accident. ( 更多...

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Apologies for not posting an English language article. Through Google Translate, I chose the one that was the least sensationalized and the most informative of the few articles about the incident. That being said, Richard - thank you for posting that in the comments.
chalet 1
The Toncontin airport poses some very difficult challenges during approach: curved and skimming the slopes of a hill, watch this video A number of accidents on landing have occurred including one USAF C-130 but it should be an easy one for small aircraft like this Gulfstream 200.
matt jensen 1
We've flown there a number of times - TanSahsa & Eastern 727, Taca (now Avianca) A320, Dash 7, C130. All are terrifying because of proximity to that hill and the glide slope. The takeoffs are as bad. I suspect the G200 ran out of fuel, as there was no explosion.
The Fire Department and agents of the National Police extinguished the first flames of the crashed plane today at the Toncontín airport in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.

The private plane type G-20, license plate N813WN, went off the track and left nine people injured, of which seven were passengers and two crew members, who are stable in health.

"The National Police and the Fire Department took control of the aircraft and the area to perform the rescue work and absolute control of the scene, we are providing the necessary collaboration with more than 150 troops," said Deputy Commissioner of Police, Miguel Pérez Suazo

"The corresponding support was requested from the other metropolitan units of Tegucigalpa and Comayagüela to create security rings that allow firefighters and other state entities to perform the corresponding tasks in this type of accident," he explained.

Luis Flores citizen who was traveling by the place when the accident happened, commented that "the firemen and the National Police immediately arrived at the place, that's good because it ensures that one as a population is not going to suffer some mishap and also because they helped fast to the people who came on the plane. "

On the other hand, Miguel Osorio, spokesman of the University School Hospital confirmed that the crew of the aircraft arrived at said assistance center in stable conditions with minor injuries.

For its part, the Civil Aeronautics Directorate informed that it will carry out the pertinent investigations in order to gather the necessary information to determine the possible causes of this accident.
Here is the translated version
this is a nasty airport, iinstrinsically dangeous because of the rediculous landing coming down the hill, and the less nasty landing made over the fence, landing toward the hill. That these types of bad landings occur mostly to itennerate aircraft, not the airliners making daily flights in and out, may suggest bull dozing the hill would be welcome and smart, and lengthing the runway a good thought too.
bentwing60 1
They did both of your recommendations a few years back and the result is still worse than ASE which is the most difficult that I routinely flew into in a jet. The airframe "was" less than one year old according to FA reg. data, and those were some very fortunate folks that there was no explosive event as Matt said, but I think this was a runway excursion as opposed to fuel exhaustion. The story of the airport, thanks Wiki, is here,
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Sorry, English is my language.
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Apology accepted, and thanks for sharing.


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