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A Look at the Remaining Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 Orders & Deliveries

Jumbo and Superjumbo jets have captivated passengers and airlines for decades. Unfortunately, the economics of these aircraft are becoming a tough sell for the manufacturers, partly due to the dwindling economic performance. The days that the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 are in production could become numbered soon. ( 更多...

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John Yount 3
I wonder if the retiring 747s will find a new career as an aerial fire fighter? Evergreen Aviation of Oregon and Global Supertankers of Colorado have already converted the 747 into a fire bomber. Global Supertanker 944 could be one of the air tankers delivering retardant on a wildfire near you.
John Yount 2
Just received word that Tanker 944 (B747) is responding to the disastrous fires in Chile.
Hopefully the Air Force will go for a B-52 replacement, get some 747-8s before Boeing shuts them down and configure them as flying arsenal ships full of cruise missiles and JDAM racks.
indy2001 2
That certainly is an interesting idea. However, so many people identify the iconic 747 hump with Boeing that I'm not sure Boeing would like to see it turned into a lethal weapon. (Although every aviation fan knows Boeing produced the B-52, but I'm not sure the average person does.) Such an offensive weapon also might make commercial aircraft more of a "legitimate" target for outlaw regimes -- think USSR's downing of KAL 007 and Russia's involvement in the shoot-down of MH17 over the Ukraine. If the program does come to fruition, I would think retired 747-400s would be used instead of expensive new 747-800s.


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