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Santa Monica loses another round in effort to close its airport

The Federal Aviation Administration on Monday rejected an appeal by Santa Monica to overturn a recent FAA decision that required the city’s embattled airport to remain open at least until 2023. ( 更多...

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Pileits 21
LQQks to me like property developers are at work here trying make a financial killing at tax payers expense
Rene Kunz 3
They have been doing it for decades. Have they not?
John Anderson 16
I love it when people move to an area next to an airport and then have the audacity to complain about noise. Get a white noise machine or just MOVE!
flyingj481 11
Well for those of us on the air side of this argument, it is nice to see the govt standing up to keep this historic and well loved airport open for a while longer. Sadly, I feel that the writing is on the wall and the community doesn't understand the revenue and access that an aiport can provide, especially one this busy, and will only come to realize what they are pushing away once it is gone.
canuck44 6
This crowd will never understand....Douglas Aircraft moved to Long Beach with 44,000 jobs when the city refused to extend the runway to allow the DC-8 to be built there. Now they claim they need the land for "public purposes" so essentially they will lose all airport revenue from landing fees, fuel taxes, etc.
matt jensen 5
Won't they need to reimburse the FAA for all the monetary help they received over the life of the contract? Seems to me, this happened when Daley Jr decided to plow up Meigs Airport on Chicago's lakefront one weekend.
IT happened up here in EDMONTON ,ALBERTA , THANKS to idiots that run City Hall...if your a rich NHL OWNER in this city ,you get your way....the AIRPORT(MUNI)never had a chance...
Lots of history !!The land sits empty with GRAND PLANS for housing !!!!!!
ugh !!
flyingj481 2
There is more information about the whole situation in this article,
I fly out of there. It's a great little airport and is in a great location. Greedy developers want the land.
Yeah and the money that they are going to make out of Hotels and Apartment buildings. Closing down the airport would create even more traffic!
GOOD, wait... GREAT news, just south in Orange County we voted to move the current SNA to El Toro Marine Base, and enable not only larger aircraft, but an increase in daily operations - yet somehow local residents were able to overturn it. They doomed ALL future generations, and growth to the limited SNA. You picked a home close to a KNOWN airport, and then you don't like it?
Just because Chicago's Mayor bulldozed Meigs Field away in the middle of the night does everyone thinks they have a chance at this?, the homes around LAX are still highly valuable and residents move in or out of the area knowing it will never change. Besides Harrison needs a place that's close to the house..
Erik Davis 2
Call it the Richard M daily affect the when the Chicago mayor closed Meigs field without notice.
Operating at airport is very costly to the municipality accountant see it as a problem versus an opportunity to generate more revenue without having to tax its citizens. Time for the city to hire some crafty business developers to bring in more revenue to the airport and help relieve tax burdens on and citizens while increasing air traffic here on business at the facility.
OMG thank you. I live in Santa Monica and I plan to get my PPL there. If it closes the nearest airport would be 45 minutes away :(
iflyfsx 1
The headline is confusing. If the airport doesn't shut down, the city wins.
bentwing60 1
They're too stupid to know it!
Jim DeTour 1
Knowing the enterprise of government and business it's easy games. Calculate the thickness of runways and taxiways to be recycled for resale back to the government as high-grade asphalt for roads or other runways. Disregard tax payers paid for it and sell it right back. Around 2013 over half a million of asphalt was put in there for just apron repair and improvement. Big bucks just sitting there to be scooped up and sold.
Cecil Clark 1
The current administration (and the next one by the looks of things right now) seem intolerant of General Aviation (and to some extent Airline's, too), given the long list of "punitive" regulations that's popped up during the last 7 years. KSMO (and other airports on certain politician's "get rid of" list) will end up like KCGX...its just a matter of time and there's not much Hans Solo or the AOPA can do about it.
You're literally commenting on an article about the Obama administration fighting FOR GA and trying to blame this on Obama. SMH.. there's nothing you can't figure out some way to blame on Obama.

Seriously, this is the Obama administration telling Santa Monica that they're not going to get their way and that the airport is staying open. But sure, it's Obama's fault.
Alan Yates 2
A fairly cogent rule of thumb is that if any government regulation/s stinks, is Obama's fault. He may wield a big marshmallow but the FAA isn't part of his administration.
Ron Udkoff 1
The Republic of Santa Monica are a bunch of self centered money grubbing aholes. They have been trying to close KSMO for decades. The FAA, FBOs, pilots have done everything to make KSMO Quiet and SAFE. But it doesn't matter to the morons. Just like the thugs in Chicago and other places. They should be put in jail for the criminal things they have done or tried to do.
The article didn't really address why Santa Monica wanted to shut it down. I assume it's because of funding, and is becoming more of a money pit.
I say if the FFA is requiring them to stay open, then they can fund it.
flyingj481 13
No, not about funding. It is about a very vocal group who have spent years lobbying that the airport is a nuisance for noise, polution (claming lead posining risk from piston aircraft) and safety.

Odd the same group doesn't complain about every highway and street in Santa Monica.
joel wiley 6
Not so odd about the lack of complaints about SM streets. The streets cannot be profitably developed like the turf under the 'tarmac'.
bentwing60 9
Some folks, for whatever reason, don't like airplanes and don't think anyone else should. I personally think GA has never really made much effort to provide local citizens without airport affiliation or knowledge the numbers (money) these self supporting entities provide to the local economy in fuel flowage fees, maintenance and hangar taxes and local employment wages. I also suspect there's a land man or two in the mix.


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