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The slowly fading art of flying—and maintaining—Cold War fighter jets

Privately owned warbirds still soar because of the efforts of a few dedicated folks. ( 更多...

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Excellent article and pictures. However if you REALLY want a “Cold War” era warbird, try an F-14 Tomcat. I’m not saying anyone could get one, (Maybe after the Iranians are done with theirs.) But there was a maintenance and logistical nightmare. Even in the best of times. I wrenched on them from 1984 to 1993, 8 hours for two techs to change out a fuel control, yikes!
oowmmr 3
The article is as intensive as the jets maintenance, great job!!
josh homer 2
Love the A-4! One of the most aesthetically pleasing jets. I loved the Blue Angels during the Skyhawk period. Don't get me wrong, I like the Hornets, but the A-4 looked like an aerobatic aircraft.
lynx318 2
The art of flying & maintaining them can always be relearned, but maintenance also includes the availability of parts,lube & fuel. Prime (all be it extreme) example the SR71's special fuel is no longer produced. To make a one off batch would be in the 100s of thousands for limited quantity, not to mention acquiring 80,000'+ rated lubricants that won't freeze up.
ncpilot 2
If I only had a couple tons of hundred dollar bills...

cb calvin 1
Thanks for a great article. Long ago and far away at Pax River, I worked as on both F4's and A4's. I really enjoyed the A4.


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