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Emirates CEO Questions Facts Around Malaysia Flight 370

Sir Tim Clark, president of Emirates Airline, spoke about the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and his doubts about the facts of the aircraft’s disappearance. ( 更多...

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bottom line is , even if we never find this airplane , it is a lesson in it self , there has to be a system in place that is impossible to turn off and is track proof, Europe just landed a craft on an asteroid 8 million miles away , and we cant find a plane that fell from 4 miles away , go figure , fact is , we know more about space than we know about por oceans , this is why we cant find it .
Do you really believe the plane is "lost" and no one knows where it is?
Yes, that is the only logical conclusion.
I disagree with the word ONLY. I for one believe the plane was stolen for laret use. The bodies may be in one of the ocaens, but the aircraft is in perfect condition somewhere with a long straight paved surface.
you are right
If I was that sure, I'd be a rich man. It's all speculation given the lack of hard evidence. But I like your attitude and support.:-)
Yes, there is a big sky out there. yes, there is a huge ocean area within the arc of the 777's possible range. But, not to have discovered any identifiable piece of this aircraft I find more than confusing. Can we say with any degree of certainty that because we have found no debris, therefore the plane is not in the water? The alternative says that the aircraft has landed somewhere, the plane is intact, and the passengers are alive and very tired of somebody's catered food. Intuition does not satisfy any search for answers.,
If the plane isn't in the ocean then it must be on land, but most likely not intact or it would have been found by now. Look how long it took to find Steve Fossett's plane in Nevada. If the crash site is in thick tropical forest, it will be even harder.
joel wiley 1
Is this a new interview, or rehash of an older one?

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joel wiley 1
My question was whether this was a report on a follow-up interview, or reporting on the interview he gave some time ago.
Joel you are right - see
I am with the CEO
Some secret squirrel 007 stuff happened. What was the mysterious cargo that was in the hold that the manifest they wouldn't reveal and someone didn't want it to get to China or Russia? Without one iota of evidence of a crash anywhere, the pax where asphyxiated and that plane landed somewhere in one piece. I'm going to go out on a limb here and also going to speculate that MH17 was shot down in retribution for MH370 getting "rerouted".inflight

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Relax Mr Nobody else's opinion matters Esq
People are entitled to an opinion regardless of if their credentials pass the test with you Sir
tpmorrow 9
What a bummer for me today, Peter F. Hartmann Esq! I'm interested in aviation - have been all my life - but, sadly, I have no ratings, save my A license for skydiving. Alas, as this forum - to quote you - is "designed and maintained to help those of use directly involved in aviation", and as I am not directly involved in it, I suppose this means that today is my last day to read the forum's posts. A sad day for me indeed, as I enjoyed it so.
On second thought, I think I'll continue to read them. And forget about posts like yours. Because anyone who finds it necessary to add the "Esq." to his name in a forum like this (apparently you've never heard the adage "A man who has the right to brag doesn't have to"), and anyone who maintains that this forum is only for a certain type of person (who preferably, if you had your way, would all append their names with "Esq."), needs to get a grip and keep his mouth shut and not add to the other blabber that you find so annoying. What a sanctimonious prat you must be.
Esquire - noun - an unofficial title of respect, HAVING NO PRECISE SIGNIFICANCE (!!!!), sometimes placed, especially in its abbreviated form, after a man's surname!!

Well, I have read the Terms and Conditions of this Forum again, just to be sure, but I fail to find any reference to participants having to have any type ratings. As far as I am concerned, anybody who uses an aircraft for the purpose of pleasure or transportation, is directly involved in aviation. As a matter of fact, without those you call passengers, you would not have the amount of airlines we have today.
Jim Lynch 0
ATPL airline pilot, 13,000+ flying hours:
I've been saying the same thing myself from about a month after the disappearance. What stands out here is what is NOT standing out - where is the debris? ANY of it? Just ONE possible piece, maybe? But not even ONE ID card, handbag, shoe, not a single personal effect whatsoever from over 200 people has turned up. It is easy to knee-jerk about things you can see and feel, it takes a modicum of intelligence to recognise there is something vital missing. There would be a breakup if they had landed it on water... if it dropped from altitude after running out of fuel while on autopilot, multiply that debris by thousands. I trust the Inmarsat location pings, I do not trust the never-before-tried "interpolation" of Doppler Effect on a DIGITAL signal twice (or thrice) relayed by other satellites to get to its destination in the UK. I say follow the pings NORTH, over China and into Russia - the northern arc crosses a Chinese desert (Taklimakan) and ends at Tashkent in Kazakhstan.
Larry Whitesell retired Captain second largest airline at the time, not that it makes my opinion correct. I think the evidence is strong that the Captain waited for the F/O to leave the cockpit. Locked him out climbed to high altitude and depressurized to kill everyone else, ducked under radar and then took the airplane to the South Indian Ocean and ditched in calm conditions. Just like Sully in the Hudson. The plane sinks intact, no debris.
May I ask:
(1) the radio work, is it typically the F/O or the Captain's responsibility?
(2) would it be normal for the F/O to leave the cockpit right in the middle of switching from the KL to the HCM ACC? To me, it seems an odd time.
Jim Smirh 1
(1) Either one, often the Pilot Not Flying. The PNF can be whoever on the crew flew the last trip together.
(2) Either one could leave, in cruise, anyway, even if he was doing the other reporting duties, he's not locked into the seat. The reports are required, but either one can do them.
joel wiley 1
Seems to fit the data. Was someone waiting for him?
Jim Smirh 1
Maybe the F/O's wife?! LOL!
joel wiley 1
That would have to be one fast boat, assuming it is SW of AUS
I like Tom's approach to it. (below) The Southern Ocean is along way to go with a plane full of dead people, flying as alone as Lindbergh just to commit suicide. I'm more in favor of the "stolen airplane to reuse it conspiracy theory". Once the transponder was turned off, no one's ATC could see it. Pakistan is a good bet for me but I have no more proof than has been published here. We're all guessing.
Your scenario is possible Mark and perhaps more likely than most of the varied conspiracy scenarios. No wreckage at all in all this time makes you think it didn't crash. Call me nieve, but I can't believe the USA would kill a planeload of innocent people for any reason. Moreover if US did it I suppose there would have been an airdrop of bodies and flotsam to wash ashore proving a crash somewhere. As a physicist I don't understand why the northern arc was eliminated. Perhaps someday we will know. A good 'why' would be this A/C would be the ultimate carrier killer. Radio a bogus mayday as a viable commercial flight and descend toward a CSG. I think the CG would be too confused to fire at long range, and I don't think CIWS would be very effective against something this large.
Jim Preston 0
I believe NSA knows where it is, But cant say without revealing how it knows.


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