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Bono's Lear Jet looses baggage door at 15,000 feet

U2 singer Bono had a mid-air scare on Wednesday when the rear door of his private jet plummeted at least 15,000 feet to the ground. The rock star and four friends were aboard the Learjet 60 traveling from Dublin to Berlin when the mishap occurred over Germany, authorities said. ( 更多...

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On the other hand - somebody in Germany is going to probably find some kool stuff - as all the luggage was missing :)
It wasn't the cabin door - it was the baggage compartment door. Major difference.

Agreed. At the time that I posted the link, it said "Cabin Door". I see it has been updated. That IS a major difference.
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It also wasn't at 15000' - it was after crossing into Germany at or below 8000'.
Also the Lear was a 2.4 million dollar 2009 Lear 60XR that was delivered new to Daimler Chrysler, currently operated by German operator MHS - which the German event hired to pick Bono up in Dublin and bring him to an event in Berlin.

The rear cargo hatch - and cargo area is a non pressurized area of the aircraft and would have little affect on the flight.


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