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Cirrus aircraft crashes off Virginia in Atlantic Ocean

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash of a Cirrus SR22 into the Atlantic Ocean about 50 miles from Wallops Island, Va., on Saturday. ( 更多...

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sking100 8
Very sad. Assuming cabin heat was used, I wonder if an exhaust leak gave him Carbon Monoxide in the cabin. No amount of O2 in the nostrils would overcome that. Looks like he just got the plane as well and had originally taken it straight to FL210. Having owned a number of these aircraft, it isn't wise to go to that altitude without the blue O2 masks. Seems if he ran out of Oxygen, he descended, but the Co2 may have been a problem. Whatever it is (was) it is sad and our condolences go to the family and friends of this gentleman whose lives changed forever when that happened.
Bernie20910 3
It doesn't have to have been a problem with any aircraft system. People pass out and die suddenly from common medical issues every day. Stroke, heart attack, aneurysm, etc.
True, but his wife dying at the same time points toward mechanical issues.
Sorry, my mistake. I think I'm thinking of the incident yesterday
Wutziz Naym 1
Just to be clear, Ron Hutchinson was flying solo. It was the flight from New York that crashed near Jamaica which involved a man and his wife, about a week after Ron's accident.
matt Rainey 3
This was very disheartening. I was flying in the area when this occurred. I heard another pilot attempting to direct the Cirrus to "pull the parachute." At first we had no idea that it was the Cirrus going down until that evening.
Ira Rampil 2
Hypoxia at FL200 is not sufficient to kill someone fit enough to fly.
AOPA is pushing hypoxia because medical incapacitation doesn't
fit their current narrative viz to medical exams. FL200 will make you
slow and silly, maybe sleepy , but not unconscious.
Returning to FL130 should have woken him up.

Most likely the pilot had a CVA or an MI
Chuck Me 1
I am not an MD.

But could a lack of O2 cause exacerbate another condition to where it could lead to death? I have no first hand experience, but I imagine altitude can effect people differently.
Ira Rampil 1
Yes, of course. AME screening is supposed to look for those
kinds of conditions like COPD. And yes exercise demands
more oxygen too. 8000 is the standard cabin pressure in
commercial jet aircraft, how many people have you seen pass
out at that pressure altitude? Not many people living at sea level
without supplemental O2 have trouble on a jet.
True. I lived at 5500 feet and physically fit so I could fly at 12,000 feet or more without a problem. I have been up to 16,000 feet without O2. However, people who live at sea level and in poor physical condition would suffer at 8,000 feet.
AWAAlum 2
I made the mistake of getting out of the car and running to the rim atop Pike's Peak years ago - elevation 14,114'. I was panting like I'd run miles. I was a city girl and completely forgot about the elevation. There are oxygen stations installed all around inside the tourist facility. I was in really really good shape in those days, and believe me, I felt the lack of oxygen. However, I wasn't anywhere near blacking out.
joel wiley 1
That was not a mistake. Repeating it would have been. 8-)
usad 3
The comments puzzle me. Did I miss the part where it say F16 pilots could see well enough into the plane to see that he wasn't wearing an O2 canula? I know armchair investigations are getting more in-depth all the time but gee whiz. Like sking100 said, it could have been a heater leak. Or a physical anomaly like a stroke, seizure, etc... We may never know. God rest his soul.
I am sorry! Thanks Bernie, I did not realize that this was a report from a few days ago. How is it possible that the air force was scrambled twice in a week to investigate two unconscious pilots?
kev wu 1
From MSN News

Seems to me he was unconscious
Alex Ohde 1
Strange to hear news like this so close to home. I live 10 minutes away from the airport he departed from, and I go there on a daily basis.
Wutziz Naym 1
Has anyone found additional information about this flight/accident?
Another 113th TFW response I expect.
My old unit (121st TFS, DCANG, ADW).
mx747 1
Some people climb Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen. Some! Most curl up in their sleeping bags and cry for their mommies at camp 2. That's 21,500 ft. Hundreds of climbers roam around at this elevation every day without passing out. I have flown at 20,000 feet many times without supplemental oxygen. I wouldn't recommend it but it is possible to do so. RIP
joel wiley 1
Acclimation is the key there. I recall hiking up in the Sierras- first day was terrible at 7,000. After a few days, no problem.
n233wz 1
Shame on you Secondamendment. The owner of that aircraft just sold his turbine to a very close friend of mine. He just stepped back into a newly acquired cirrus. RH evidently had thousands of flight hours. I lost my best friend in a jet crash in front of my eyes. You think this is funny?! Please save your hate for yourself.
Here is an extremely strange report! The Costa Rican press reports a single motor craft crashing into the ocean off Jamaica under very similar conditions. Two craft with the same problem on the same day??
Bernie20910 1
Not the same day. The one you are talking about is from today, the one this squawk is about is from last week. But yes, there are similarities.
Avioneta estadounidense a la deriva se estrella en Jamaica
AFP - 2014-09-05
Un pequeño avión que salió de Estados Unidos y voló durante horas —cruzando el espacio aéreo cubano— sin responder a los llamados de tierra, se estrelló este viernes en aguas frente a la costa de Jamaica, informaron autoridades jamaiquinas.
This report from "La Nacion"
R.I.P. CO detectors only cost a few $, well worth it (whether or not that was the cause of this crash we will never know unless they find the body).
It would appear that he was conscious as he carried out a step descent to 13,000'. Sometime after that he must have passed out. When did he stop communicating with ATC?
Wutziz Naym 1
At about 1:00pm he quit responding to ATC.
Kevin Brown 1
According to local reports the Pilot has been identified as Ronald Hutchinson

He was a retired Senior VP of Product Development for Harley-Davidson and a pilot for over 43 years according to his son.
Wutziz Naym 1
If any of you would like to contribute, I've started a discussion at
Trying to get as much information as I can in one place regarding Ron's accident. Thanks in advance.
Kevin Brown 1
a/c registered to Ronald M Hutchinson of Brookfield WI
Aviation's Darkest Year!
Kevin Brown 0
From ABC News: (sounds like the same a/c)

NORAD, FAA: Small plane in restricted area around Washington, DC, remains unresponsive, despite presence of fighter jets; crashes in ocean.

Other news outlets reporting that two F16's were scrambled by NORAD
paul trubits -2
Crash site is way past his destination.
Eric Pearson -6
Pilot oxygen required at 12500, unconscious due to hypoxia. What was he thinging (well, not thinking)?
Eric James 6
I doubt he was flying without supplemental oxygen. Unfortunately what is more likely is there was a problem with the system. The pilot wasn't aware of it and passed out. We may never know because the crash looks far enough out to sea that it probably isn't worth the resources to locate and salvage.

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Your ignorance is evident with so many grammatical and spelling errors. I'm embarrassed for you. There are plenty of Kennedy hate sites online, why don't you reside there and leave this aviation site.
It says in your profile that you speak English. Too bad you can't write English and punctuate properly. Also, your comment was in poor taste. Take your political comments elsewhere. Maybe we should have noticed that you call yourself "secondamendment".
n233wz 2
Shame on you Secondamendment. This Pilot sold his turbine to a very good friend of mine several months ago and got back into a cirrus. He had thousands of flight hours. I lost my best friend in a jet crash 4 years ago. Please save your hate comments for twitter!
AWAAlum 2
Shame on you.
Bernie20910 0
Unfortunately, he's correct though. Sad, but true.
Chuck Me 1
Yeah. They only used 2 F-16s, a Jayhawk and a C130 with this. And we knew where the plane was and the pilot was already incapacitated. Different from a search and rescue mission.

But let's not let facts muddy up your preconceived ideas.
Bernie20910 2
And for Kennedy they diverted an entire US Navy task force of eight ships. I was on one of them.
AWAAlum 2
That's simply not the topic of this thread.
D. W. 2
You don't belong here: (1) this is a place for aviators, aviation enthusiasts, and industry personnel, all of whom share a common interest. Obviously, you're not one.

(2) This is a place where people with aviation-specific knowledge exchange ideas and at times offer (helpful) suggestions or observations. You are just so, so not one of them.

(3)This is not a place for mean-spirited people with political agendas to inject their biases and neuroses into an otherwise sane and moderate conversation. Those people belong at pig troughs or at gang-banging hangouts. Go (back) to where you belong.
Chuck Me 1
Some people have to take every opportunity they find to interject political crap into the discussion. Sad. And it's not even a good point. Double sad.

I am all for some good political debate. But it doesn't need to show up everywhere.
joel wiley 0
If you substituted the name Bush for Kennedy, would your statement have the same truth level?
AWAAlum 1
OMG I simply cannot believe the ignorance of some people. This is a posting about a tragedy. Will you people please pull your heads out of your _______?!!!
Totally agree!!!
People ski at that altitude all the time. Must be more to it.
ltcjra -3
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Jets Scrambled to GA Plane That Crashes Off Coast Near DC

Two F-16s assist FAA with unresponsive general aviation aircraft.
bassam -2
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Aircraft takes off from Crites Field in Waukesha, crashes into Atlantic Ocean

WAUKESHA/VIRGINIA (WITI/AP) — The Coast Guard says the pilot of a small airplane lost consciousness while flying and the plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the Virginia coast.


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