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Cocaine found in breast implants at Barcelona airport

MADRID (AP) -- Spanish authorities say they have arrested a Panamanian woman arriving at Barcelona airport with 1.38 kilograms (3 pounds) of cocaine concealed in breast implants. The Interior Ministry said Wednesday that border police noticed fresh scars and blood-stained gauze on her chest as well as pale patches beneath her skin. ( 更多...

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phil gibson 6
All jokes thing coming will be body cavity screening....."tampons" can be contraband tubes unfortunately.
sparkie624 4
Now that Stinks :)
phil gibson 3
For real!
i guess that made it the most expensive boob job in the world !!
preacher1 3
I got to wonder how they got that close to see the blood and all. She should have been waring a real covering blouse or else she let them get a lot closer than they should
JD345 3
Evidently they have no Fourth Amendment over there...
sparkie624 3
WOW, Some kid almost got a real high :) All jokes aside, hope they catch the moron trying this, and a good catch for who ever found it.
kirk perry 2
If she had waited a week or so, she probably would have made it.. sounds like she got sliced the day before travel.
Trouble is, they only ever catch the mules, not the kingpins. Good job to the Spanish police but imagine if that happened in the USA and the implants were found to be normal!
sparkie624 2
Depending on what she looked like, he could have gotten lucky, or one heck of a slap in the face.
silicone or cocaine. whats more toxic?
well thats a strange way of drug smuggling
Just how low can smugglers and their minders get? The couriers are in the main victims but they continue to do it for varied reasons but it is those the design and execute this transportation of illegal subsances that should be caught and shut away til domesday if necessary.

I now can see thousands of women with generously proportioned chests being subject to unwarranted checks and invasive examinations at airports and this is frightening!!
Jeff Phipps 1
I'm wondering if the woman consented to having them removed (probably thinking that the gig is up) or if they could literally cut her open against her will. While I don't condone drug trafficking, I don't like the thought of perform surgery on suspects on a hunch.
Don't think it was a hunch. I'm sure she wanted it out before it killed her.
I did not read anywhere whether the woman is suspected of collaborating, or if she is believed to be a victim. This clearly shows that drug cartels are continuously probing (no pun intended, really...) to see where they might find new smuggling paths. I wonder if they still have mules swallowing cocaine filled condoms, and inserting drug filled chargers into their bodies, or if those methods have been defeated. I do not envy drug enforcement authorities, who try to stay ahead of this kind of creative, albeit sadistic and inhumane, smuggling mentality. Very astute catch on the screener's part...
Thats it, I'm going to get hired by the TSA! If we have to take shoes off because of the shoe bomber, I gotta get a job checking for these now - I can't wait to start checking :)

You know what, if they want to go to these extremes to get a few ounces of coke - I say let them keep it. LOL.

Is there going to be a new "no flying list" for implantees?

This war on drugs is not working.. I saw on TV they had submarines !!!
preacher1 1
lol. Got to be a lot more here than being told and it raises a whole lot more questions than it does give answers, other than can people really be that stupid?????

BTW, how's the back doing?
Im trying to stay positive despite the pain. Looks like I need to fuse spine from c7 to L2 +/- Thats nearly my entire spine. I've had scoliosis my whole life and it was only 20 degrees and stopped progressing when I stopped growing. Accident more than doubled my curve to 55 degrees and I lost over 1/3 to 1/2 of my right lungs volume from the spine protruding into my chest cavity. It may still me getting worse too. That plus the other fuses in my T spine and C spine - I don't know If I will be able to move that well after the surgery. If the pain is better hopefully I can go back to flying - if not they will most likely implant a pain pump in my body.

Kinda scared to also hopeful that I may be feeling better in the future. I will know more on Friday when I see the Dr again (which is also the end of the world) LOL

I haven't slept tonight - even my pain meds aren't enough sometimes. Tried everything from tea, melatonin, anti-histamines, tylenol PM.... But I have been sleeping better than before my c5-c6 fusion now that the shooting pain down my right arm happens less often.

How are you doing?
preacher1 1
Well, I'm hanging in there. The wife has that scoliosis too and there was no bother to her out of childhood until she was early 60's; still not bad but it gives her bother at times. Pain meds are all the can do with hers and she just has to tuff it out for a day or 3 until it passes. As far as me, I'm not overdoing it. We got the CRJ the 1st of the month. Although just out of mod, mx looked it over for a week. We went up some last week. Flight Ops director(my replacement) took it up one day this week I think, and the newbys have gone down to Ft Worth for some SIM time and training. He told me Monday that he doubted I'd do anything until after the 1st of the year. What air time the newbys get, he can give it to them. January, February all the meetings will start and we'll get busy but these 2 guys are a lot further along than we could have imagined. They each have better than 2000+ hours, all rating and into a turboprop, just nothing in a true jet/type. At least we don't have to teach them how to fly. They took to the CRJ like a duck to water, and I think after Christmas that Dude will give them some time in the 767. Then the 1st of the year, we got two experienced, but new to us, guys coming in for the King Ar, so it's gonna be Get yourself better and back in the air. Wayne
I have so much empathy for people with back pain! Once I get myself better I may give you a holler if you don't mind. I have 6500-7000 hours +/-, with CL65 PIC type rating and probably 2000 in type, maybe half of that PIC. GOD - I miss flying so much, I can't wait to get all healed up and back in the air ASAP.

If I do get better after this surgery I am going to get back in the saddle as fast as humanly possible. I've already lost 2 years of my life to this, and I just refuse to let my dreams go. I want to fly so bad I can smell the Jet A just talking about it.

My pain management doctor says my days of flying are over- I would love to prove that guy wrong. He sent me to a psychologist to help me come to grips with never flying again - I would love to have a picture taken at work telling him what I think about his dream-busting comments. That alone will get me through Physical Therapy after the surgery!

Have a great day- I gotta try and sleep at least a couple of hours today. I get really nauseous when I don't sleep for a few days in a row because when I'm exhausted I can't handle the pain as well and can end up in the hospital again.


preacher1 1
I doubt we'd have anythinng up there as most folks are like me. They get on there, they retire there. You can't never tell these days though. I got a lot of friends around, most in KTUL,KOKC area, some KXNA but all 135, but corporate, no charter. You would have to be willing to relocate out this way though. 1st things 1st though, prove your doc wrong, then w can talk.
Wonder what TSA pay is for a breast checker? Maybe instead of retiring I'll just change jobs. Lol
John Cotton 1
Imagine if they did the surgery and found out they were wrong? They'd have a double-D lawsuit on their hands!
Pileits 1
Now that woman has got to be some kind of boob! ;)
They should have just removed it in the police station with a Swiss pocket knife. Lol
preacher1 2
Where you been anyway?
TCB. This is retirement month and lots of other things all at once.
preacher1 1
10-4.stay in touch


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