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First look at the Airbus A350 XWB. What's all the fuss about?

Images, the specs and the troubled history of Airbus' super lightweight plane. Can it take on Boeing and importantly, what does it mean for travelers? ( 更多...

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The reason that the noses look so much alike is the same reason that new autos tend to look alike, namely, physics. As both the 787 and the A350 are maximized to cruise at .85 mach and the fact that both fuselage cross sections are nearly circular, it is just engineering, not copying. You might as well say they copied the look of the vertical stabilizers or the engine nacelles.

The big difference is in the mix of materials. The 787 (contrary to the article) has a larger percentage of composite materials that are spun in place into complete sections called "barrels." This means there is a huge decrease in the amount of individual parts and the associated fasteners. The A350, by contrast, has sections that are built-up in a more traditional style utilizing composites, titanium and LiAl alloys. Look closely at photos of the two aircraft and you will notice the absolute lack of fasteners on the 787 skin. Compare that to the photo of the A350 nose section. I have stood next to a 787 and it looks like a giant model airplane, smooth and sleek. Time will tell which one is "better" I think the market has plenty of room for both.
sparkie624 1
I see a maintenance nightmare...

Lol! CNN hails the 787 as revolutionary, but then when A350 comes along 'what's all the fuss about?' Biased much?
klimchuk 1
A350 struggles to compete with both 777 and 787
It may work for Airbus or may not, we will see, it's just too early to say.
While I'm not an Airbus fan, it's a sweet lookin' Airplane.
There could be bias but I see an analyzed response. Why make another giant jetliner, that is bigger than than the 787 and 777, and make it compete with them? Airlines these days are having enough trouble filling seats, so why make a jet with more to fill? I feel it would be more economic making a long range fuel efficient small load aircraft.
Matt Hauke 1
Enough trouble filling seats? I haven't been on a flight that wasn't at least 95% full in over 10 years.
honza nl 1
that is called capitalism, if you prefer a single supplier move to China, Cuba or North-Korea
toolguy105 0
I agree
Jason Feldman -1
I didn't bother reading the article - I just wanted to say hi! I don't like the french very much, and "if it ain't boeing I ain't going".

Ok, ive said everything I wanted to

Nice seeing you all

toolguy105 0
IS it me or does the nose of the A350 look a lot like the nose of the B787? It looks like they waited for Boeing to finalize their design then used it to as a template for theirs.
jim hughes 0
You are right. Stole the 787 nose. Can't come up with there own ideas. More French Airbus junk. I wonder if they fly it with a SUGGESTION STICK as well?
Ian Boulton -1
If its Boeing....I ain't going!!!!
If it ain't Boeing, I'm not going!
honza nl 2
well, then stay at home
toolguy105 1
You said it brother
John Beech 1
What a totally unbiased load of c**p


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