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North Korea Jamming South Korean Air Traffic Navigation

North Korea has been busy for the past week, trying to jam the navigation signals going to civilian aircraft over South Korea, according to reports in South Korean media. Through Wednesday afternoon, the GPS satellite signals to more than 250 aircraft have been affected, the Chosun Ilbo reported, citing South Korea's Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs Ministry. Planes from Korean Air, Japan Airlines, FedEx, Cathay Pacific and Thai Airways have been affected, Bloomberg news reported,… ( 更多...

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Bwillie22 12
No Worries, it's just lightsquared's North Korean startup
MultiComm 1
Hahaha...very nice!!
I meant ROFLCOPTER! Please pretend I can spell. Thank you.
JJ Johnson 10
This video reminds me of the idiots in North Korea
richard weiss 9
Any aircraft in the American Arsenal with designator "EF or EA" could solve that problem with the flick if a couple of switches
preacher1 1
I think we've got a ship or two in the area that can handle that. *Gets on the phone with SECDEF and SECNAV.*
richard weiss 3
Sorry, they can't to the phone right now. There in meetings discussing ways to further weaken our defenses
Brian Bishop 6
One of the comments in the article suggests jamming N. Korean TV networks with 24-7 cooking shows.......LMAO!
richard weiss 5
That would drive them crazy. They're still waiting for a good rice recipe that doesn't include rice.
Brian Bishop 1
'Round the clock Paula Deen 'til they beg for mercy....
Or show the Rosie O'Donnell Show on every station.
meeverett 1
What about throwing in a little Sandra Lee? They might try one of her "recipes," then we can just go in and bury the bodies.
preacher1 1
Man you are cold.LOL
al fredericks 4
THE N.K NEEDS A GOOD KICK IN THE BUTT - then again, china will do the same to us recalling our massive loans. sold our soul to the devil i'am afraid.
preacher1 1
You are correct. We defintely have the wherewithal over there to do it, but as China has shown with the EU controversy, they wouldn't be too afraid to get into this fray. The only saving grace is that we are pretty much their#1 export market so they can't be too quick to pull the plug. Maybe they will just rein Jr. in.
Wesley White 3
Geez.. North Gloria will do anything to get attention -_-
JJ Johnson 5
Gargoyle Jr. and the Communist thugs need a B-52 introduction.
Just park a CVN out there so they can see it, and also have a couple SSGNs in the area to launch a few dozen Tomahawks at them.
tim mitchell 2
kinda like an older sibling picking on a younger one until one day the younger one grows up and realizes if doesn't have to take it anymore
preacher1 4
Folks can talk about us allying with Israel all they want, but they ought to take a look at what the US has in South Korea. China is probably the force holing us back, but it will rach a point that if they can't rein in JR., the US will.
Brian Bishop 2
Love my Hyundai. 'Course it was built in the good ol' CSA in Alabama.
andrew tobin 1
Kind of amusing that if you want a 100% American-made car, you need to buy a Hyundai, Honda, or Toyota.
they are insane!
Jim Quinn 1
Sort of a familiar thing; the North Vietnamese did the same thing with TACAN units to throw off weapons delivery being done by our armed forces' bombing campaigns in the air war over the North and even South Vietnam. Pilots complained about bombing the !@#$%^& vegetable patches!
Jared Maurtua 1
Great. I'm leaving for South Korea on May 9th.
Joseph Howes 1
that is foulplay by north korea. what will south korea have to say about that?
Roy Kizzia 1
They're like the baby of a large family trying to get attention from the others. Problem is, the method of getting attention sometimes gets you in trouble.
Fred Moore 1
They flip us off as a matter of policy because they still resent the ass-kicking we gave them in the 50's. The Chinese had to pull their fat out of the fire then. The NK's are betting they will do it again.
Cole Goldberg 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

North Korea accused of jamming signals of commercial flights

Jammed signals are caused by the North Korean military, South Korean officials say.


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