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Harms of Post-9/11 Airline Security

One, we are not doing the right things: the focus on airports at the expense of the broader threat is not making us safer. And two, the things we are doing are wrong: the specific security measures put in place since 9/11 do not work. ... At this point, we don’t trust America’s TSA, Britain’s Department for Transport, or airport security in general. We don’t believe they’re acting in the best interests of passengers. We suspect their actions are the result of politicians and government… ( 更多...

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Ed Wagner 4
ding, ding, ding ...WE HAVE A WINNER! The rush to secure the airports was indeed a political action and not based on intelligence and reason. If you had said this four years ago somebody would have yelled "treason"...maybe the country is returning to its senses.
MrTommy -1
We can only hope... But, unfortunately, I have my doubts.
So far the terrorists have accomplished their objective of disrupting and altering our way of life. Fearful populace means they win. Pure theater - I think a tragedy. People living in fear are much easier to control.
JetMech24 -1
You would be right if anyone is in fear, I don't know one person that doesn't fly because they are afraid of terrorists, people fly because we have the security we do, if we didn't, no one would fly.
Honestly, I fly less because of the kabuki theatre security system. When I do fly, I know the last line of defense is me and everyother able body passenger and crewman. In fact, I'd love to have Grandma's knitting needles to place firmly in a terrorist eye, but they were left at security. Guess the good guys will have to improvise because of the TSA not seeing the forest fore the trees.
JetMech24 1
Assuming you can even fight, of course, but they can get them just easily as you can.
That's comment sound like 2 AM in a biker bar. And yeah, they can get em, but unless they bought 50% of the tickets, they're underdogs. I don't care how bloody it gets as long as the islamic terrorist don't use the jet to knock down a building
JetMech24 1
Apperently you've never been, it's usually a bit more blunt. 2 AM at work comment is what it was, but it's actually still only 10 PM, so it is looking up.
Passengers and crew are the line in the sand that will stop hijackings. Xrays, patting down granny, or confiscating butter knives, and muffins will not replace the desire of people on board an aircraft to safely arrive back on earth. As we spend billions on the Kabuki Theatre that is airport security, the terrorist laugh and plot their next big thing that doesn't include aircraft. Hey, Ms. DHS secretary, spend our tax dollars looking for the bad guys, not groping 5 year olds
JetMech24 1
How will they stop a bomb that they don't even know is there?
There's equipment in every major city that detects bomb materials. In the closed environment of an airport terminal, it could placed anywhere and everywhere. A bomb sniffing dog is sent in when a hit takes place. Very simple, Jet.
JetMech24 0
1. That did not answer my question as to what the people on board a jet will do to stop a bomb from exploding that is already on the plane. 2. The equipment is made to detect BOMB materials, as you said, not common household materials that can be combined to make a bomb.
iflyfsx 2
Wrong, Jet. The scanners do not detect bombs. They never have, and they never will, because they were not designed for it. Do a little homework. They can only detect a bulge where someone *might* be hiding explosives, but this is very easy to bypass.

The scanners have only two purposes: To make a fortune for the manufacturer, and to fool idiots into a false sense of security. They have been a success in those two categories, and only in those two categories.
I still find it hard to believe we have this many people trying to provide some meager level of security to just one industry. A damn airplane ticket ought to be $3000.
JetMech24 1
I was not talking about the body scanners at airports.
iflyfsx 1
OK, my mistake.
JetMech24 1
Whine, whine, whine... blah, blah, blah... lol
This has always reminded me of what Al Gore did with his so called Global warming. He has made a ton of money of it and no one can debate the issue with out losing a grant or getting fired. Check on it. Some one made a ton of money of this so called security run by rejects for the most part. Most of these kids doing the so call checking where unable to find a job. I am so happy that my family and I fly our own plane except when my youngest daughter had to go to New Zealand. She hatted it.
Stunning response. Stunning.
alistairm 0
Start connecting the dots people. Don't be afraid of the truth.
Greg Smith 0
Wow, Great article! Right to the point and nobody could spin that. You should run for office. I'd vote for you.
sparkie624 0
WOW, exactly what I have been saying for along time. Hit the nail on the head.
Michael Chertoff is laughing all the way to the bank in a Halliburton supplied bullet proof car.
Pretty well nails it! We're fixated on airlines. Best security is to know thy neighbor and be vigilant. Government security is the ones that let the terrorists in the country in the first place.
iflyfsx -2
How do I give this a million thumbs up?


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