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Series 1 - World's Scariest Plane Landings

It's TV series on World's Scariest Plane Landings... Amazing footage! I'd definitely recommend to watch it. ( 更多...

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pilot0987 0
It doesn't work.
linbb 0
Yup great vidio blank on mine too must be an off shore station not in the USA
Harshad Raje 0
It's a UK based, may be that's why it didn't work... Sorry.
Elfyn Hanks 0
I saw this. I am pretty sure there were 1 or 2 balls ups by channel 5. I think they referred to the JetBlue A320 as a 737 and if i remember correctly they messed up later on in the show (can't remember exactly what that one was though). All the dramatics a side it was pretty good to watch.
I am going on holiday on 26th January so I'd love to watch but it may put be off when I take my flight from Manchester to Morrocco on Thursday.

Richard Jones 0
Appauling journalism. Many school-boy errors - eg Concorde has 2 engines, Captain of Air France Concorde uncertain whether to land at Leeds. I was there that day and he declared his intention to do a fly-past and land on 2nd circuit. Referred to the pilot of the Lufthansa A320 caught in the cross-wind as 'he' - PF was female that day. Etc, etc. Those are just from memory - there were many more. If you ignore the commentary as just background noise, some of the visuals are quite entertaining. Don't expect to learn much of substance though. Most of us here could have done a better job on the commentary.


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