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Spirit Airlines is defending its decision to de-board an entire flight after it says a family refused to wear masks

Spirit Airlines said it removed a family of four from a flight because they refused to wear masks. Video of the incident shows the masked parents being told to leave as their maskless child eats. Spirit says what is not shown is the parents not complying with mask mandates moments earlier. Spirit Airlines is defending its decision to deplane a flight over what it said was one family's mask violations. The Monday fight from Orlando, Florida, to Atlantic City, New Jersey, was ultimately… ( 更多...

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Thomas Goley 1
Now sperit is back pedeling on this one. even changing their tweet. it was a 2 year old and a 7 year old who has sezures and can induce them if wearing a mask. ill never fly this air tractor that is Spirit.....
linbb 0
What is it with people, they tell ya up front masks are required and then people think they are the entitled ones. WOW what a news flash about people these days.


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