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Ugly Qantas feud with Virgin Australia puts spotlight on ethics of airline bailouts

An ugly feud is escalating between Qantas Airways and its closest Australian competitor over the ethics of state aid, just as airlines facing collapse around the world race to secure bailouts. ( 更多...

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mike357jumbojet 1
Allan Joyce has always being a ruthless greedy car sales man i put it bluntly he wants the monopoly so he can rip off the paying passenger with higher airfares. His past history for a CEO for Jetstar Australia Nearly sent the airline to the wall. The board sacked him After Goff Dixon former CEO boss of Qantas finished Allan Joyce had taken over. Since then many companies has pulled away for business from Qantas and the day he Grounded the Roo carrier he nearly lost his job. Now he did the wrong thing by retiring the remaining 744 fleet which could have being used while all A380's were grounded All he is after is greed for money he has no time of passion for the Public or passengers at all. I don't trust him and his sales and BS promo's don't help as well. There Perth to London route with B789's has had problems putting the planes down in Rome shortage of fuel. But this was hushed up


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