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Horizon Air Pilots Blast Alaska Airlines Management Over Service Cuts

Pilots at Horizon Air, the Portland, Oregon-based regional subsidiary of Seattle-based Alaska Air Group, have publicly blamed Alaska management for service cuts and aircraft deferrals. ( 更多...

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Brad Littlejohn 3
Interesting here. A shortage of pilots and deferred EJets by QXE, yet a huge purchase of EJets by SKW with possible deployment of those jets by ASA. Could ASA be trying to shut down their own regional carrier?
TWA55 1
What Alaska cut off it's meal ticket, Good luck. Alaska would be wise to look at QX as the airline which most likely has keep them in business since the 1980's.
Nathan Cox 1
It's a tricky business as no one wants to wait 8 years flying dash 8's in the regionals for QX and Alaska doesn't want to take pilots out of their already dwindling feeder pool to put them in the mainline Alaska jets. They should have made adjustments to their "flow" to Alaska years ago before this became such a critical problem. I see this as a huge problem for Horizon and a small problem for Alaska. Alaska still makes money even if QX isn't doing the flying. Skywest is picking up all of the extra flying that QX can't handle. Still works out ok for Alaska. It's just going to make QX pilots unhappy and leave for a competing carrier at some point.
Brad Littlejohn 1
Exactly. However, with ASA also purchasing E175s they are also looking at expanding their regional service, as an E175, let alone the E195 can have comparable distance to a B737. Prime example is ASA opening up PDX-OMA service on an E175. That isn't the typical puddlehopper flight that a Q400 would make. So to defer those whiel trying to maintain service is not a good sign for QXE, unless they're looking to offload QXE altogether (effectively killing service to rural Oregon) and outsourcing that to SKW.


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