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UA 354 diverts to KDEN with slat damage

United 354 (B757) from KSFO to KBOS divers to KDEN when damage to slats noticed. ( More...

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Greg S 6
The damage was so minor they actually used the slats as usual for landing.
JJ Johnson 6
She may be getting a little old, but the 757 is a commercial sports car for the pilots. Pilots love the 757
John D 2
I’ve often enjoyed flying in them as a passenger.

Chris Bryant 3
I'm OK with them on a short-haul, but I don't like them on long flights. I took one from KSEA to KATL once, and it was a miserable 4.5 hours.
Dallas-Fort Worth to Las Vegas once, yeah, that was more than enough. Nothing like being packed in like a can of sardines. I know people malign the old MD-80, but I found the MD's to have far more comfortable seats and a little more leg room.
rob strong 2
Love the short take off also. Great plane.
John D 2
I’ve thought that too. Don’t need no 10,000 ft runway!
John D 5
Not intending to make light of this, but some of the comments I have seen seem a bit over the top. Phrases like "wing disintegrating", "wing falling apart".
It appears like slat damage to me.
To the actual experts here, what is your assessment?
Very few passengers know squat about aircraft and neither do the modern day "journalists" who write the news stories. Chances are the aircraft hit a bird or multiple birds, the slat was damaged by the impact and the pilots safely landed the aircraft.
stratofan 3
A tip of the hat to you for telling it like it is! Of course, sensationalism boosts ratings even when there is only a grain of truth to it.
Dick Nix 1
What is a "journalist? I thought they were extinct.
Gary Kendall 5
They have to glorify the story to sell the news. Telling what actually happened would have been too full. THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING!
United flies long thin routes to European destinations with 757s. I have flown several of them and my only advice is do not choose an exit row window seat as the insulation is not as robust as other locations and on a long flight (6 or 7 hours) it can get uncomfortable
Ken Riehl 1
Trailing edge??/


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