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Air Serbia Flight Survived Hitting Antennas on Takeoff

Flight data suggests the pilot took off from taxiway. ( More...

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mbrews 11
More info and photos are on the avherald website. Looks like the crew lined up for an intersection departure from D5 instead of the more commonly used D6 intersection departure. ATC tapes seem to indicate tower asking ? ARE YOU SURE ? But the crew commenced takeoff anyway, hitting the obstacle during takeoff.
Derek Langton 3
A testament to the strength of the Embraer very lucky it was not a fireball e event, just a kiss the ground event & all live to fly another day..sad about the Plane damage.
Larry Toler 6
One of our 145's got hit by a LST truck. Totalled the truck, dented the front fuselage and damaged a static port. The aircraft was in our hangar in RIC for about a month before it was serviceable to be flown to EMBRAER at BNA to be fixed. I still consider it EMB145 - 1 shit truck 0.
bbabis 8
More stupid pilot stuff from all over the world. The runway behind you is one thing you can never get back. There is never an excuse for not taking all of it every time.
victorbravo77 5
That makes me think of the little rear-view mirror on the dash of the C150 I flew (N6391K). It was there to "follow runway heading" on the departure leg and check rudder displacement during flight control checks. I always thought it was funny, but use it anyway along with craning my neck.

Reminded me of a small makeup compact mirror. Always dirty too.
Larry Toler 2
Apparently he didn't use the runway at all. I guess he thought the taxiway was good enough at the time.
Mike Slatcher 4
Larry Toler, you're wrong. They did use the runway, just not enough of it. They lined up via an intersection, D5, which left the TORA too short. That may sound stupid, but we don't know what else was going on.
Larry Toler 3
I see. That makes more sense.
Peter Fuller 2
Google Earth, Google Maps, etc. aren’t up to date enough to show the relatively new 12R/30L runway the accident aircraft used: they still show the previous parallel taxiway and/or the construction work on 12R/30L. That may be the source of confusion.
Robert Roesener 2
I'm not a pilot; just the right seat in EA-6A's. I remember those markers telling how much runway was left. It seems that would have been a pretty good clue early on that 2 + 2 did not equal 4, unless those markers were not recognized, or were missing. I don't know; just saying.
Greg S 2
That series of tweets from JACDEC is contradictory/inconsistent. In one, it claims taxiway takeoff; in another, it talks about an intersection takeoff from D5. Hitting the ILS array is consistent with a runway takeoff that went wrong.
Ichiro Sugioka 2
The plane may have hit something other than antennas as reported in early reports. We will know more with daylight.
jim sisti -1
So, since it is Air Serbia...was that damage from this departure, or was that just the state of the plane anyway?(note to some, sarcasm being served up)
Peter Fuller 9
Sarcasm noted, but the aircraft belongs to and was operated by Marathon Airlines, on wet lease to Air Serbia. Marathon is a small Greek operator offering ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance, insurance) services.

Everyone on that airplane is lucky to be alive.
James Simms 0
Will be interesting if any of the YT channels covering incidents have this.
John Graham -2
ok. sounds like everyone is an expert. Were any of you there?
John Graham -2
and with all the talk about intersections and not long enough runway has anyone thought that the pilots may have screwed up?
John Graham -2
taking off from a taxiway? Hmm


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