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Alaska Air flight attendants authorize strike for first time in over 30 years

The strike authorization vote by Alaska Air flight attendants comes amid ongoing negotiations and doesn't mean a strike is imminent ( More...

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linbb 3
Hope they also get rid of that stupid rule about when there pay starts also. Also there pay is way below what it should be. Know those up in the pointy end are very well paid so should those putting up with the many idiots now flying as pax.
Larry Toler 3
As a former flight attendant, I agree. I loved doing it, but being married with kids eventually, didn't pay the bills as it did when I first started.
sparkie624 1
They get paid very well and looking for more money! No Compassion here! Where is the picket Line... i would like to cross it.
Larry Toler 2
The article didn't state the specifics, but going through the union is the only way to get change in pay and contract, just like the pilots. While I was a FA we were only paid from wheels up to wheels down. Technically we didn't get paid for loading or unloading pax. There was a stipulation where we were paid block or better. Flying for a regional paid okay and I got seniority pretty quick and usually got what I bid, which was the max flight hours of 150 or close to it per month. I was paid $23 per hour at the time, doing anywhere from two to six legs per day on four day pairings. Most flights were around 30 minutes to an hour a day a half, sometimes two hours. I really loved the job, but after my wife got sick and couldn't work, and two little kids, that certainly didn't pay the bills and being gone all the time didn't help. I really enjoyed it, despite the low pay. As they say, it's not a job, it's a lifestyle. I would not be in the majority where I thought my airline actually looked out for us better than our union did. Unfortunately, the union is a necessary evil for change.
Greg S 3
Looking for more money?!? Oh no!! How dare they! Only the airline owner's are allowed to look for more money, not the employees.


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