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Navy Plane Overshoots Runway

A Navy plane flying in rainy weather overshot a runway Monday at a military base in Hawaii and splashed into Kaneohe Bay, but all nine aboard were uninjured, authorities said. ( More...

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Chris Bryant 32
That will be an unpleasant debrief.
Nigel Johnson 10
In the UK they say that is a 'tea and biscuits with the chief pilot' event.
bbabis 10
Must have missed the last wire.😂
Mike Kracher 3
Would be very interesting to see the procedure to remove the plane from the water .
matt jensen 8
P8's are the Boeing 737 replacements for the four engine P3 turboprops, that we used to fly on coastal patrol. If you look on ADS-B you will find them criss crossing the USofA - where there are no subs.
Greg Rich 1
Patrol is more than only anti sub and maritime surveillance & they do cross country training and ferry flights. There are also Naval Air Reserve stations flying patrol planes across the country.
Nigel Johnson 0
" crossing the USofA - where there are no subs." are you sure about that?
Brian Freeman 8
Looks like somebody is going to be flying cargo planes full of rubber dogshit out of Hong Kong for awhile...
Nigel Johnson 3
That's taking ASW a bit too far!
Erik Bruner 3
And here I thought touch and Go's were part of Pilot Training.
Andrew Turnbull 11
DEI in action? Yep.
Wilbur Ross 0
Crasping got a preordained & fact-less conclusion
Always numerous factors involved in any incident. My guess is "unstable approach" will be one factor.
Climate change.
1mooneymite 2
Another favorite of the armchair pundits: "Crew got up and went to work". Had they just been stabilized. Had they just stayed in bed.

When will we learn?
Roger Edson 2
Little too salty?
john bramble 2
loved to be on the board and listed to the reasons that were given that escalated to a very expensive acft making it in the water, call sign will be given if he does not get his wings clipped. like
skipper, Gilligan, moby, sully. the list would go on and on.
Greg Rich 2
The entire military has been dumbed down. A friend still on active duty Aviation Navy confirmed that the pronoun and lgbtq sensitivity training takes up valuable job training time and space. Additionally, the diversity “experts” are highly paid / taking up defense budget
Chris Roode 4
I wonder if this was the cause??????
Peter McGrath 3
That's cool. So, they can sign up for the next Draft coming? Good news!
Marc Pagan 7
Lesson: Hiring and promoting based on quotas, rather than merit, leads to negative results in the world world.
1mooneymite 7
But to be fair, there have been incidents involving all male crews, too.

Perhaps you could find statistics indicating a higher percentage of incidents by gender, creeds color?
AAaviator 1
Biggest difference though - there hasn’t been heralding, touting, or chest thumping that a particular crew was all male before a mishap. When the woke impulse is to call attention to a particular gender (or race) you’re going to get the attention, you’re fervently seeking, but it may not end up being the attention that you want! People just need to do their damn jobs, and stop fixating and obsessing over gender/race. The more that race and gender is trumpeted as some magnificent breakthrough accomplishment, the more the divide is amplified, and stereotype reiterated within the subtext of all the fawning, and hoopla.
1mooneymite 7
I was not aware that this flight was publicized as crewed in a particular way. If it was, then let the chips fall where they may.
Terri Santo -3
There has been no heralding of all-male crews because men were never discriminated against.
AAaviator 0
Somebody has an axe to grind! Obviously one of the whimpering down voters. Thing is, every word was true crybaby.
Nooge -4
The divide gets amplified among the angertainment watching anti woke -alternate reality Magaverse crew
AAaviator 1
Triggered?! Another irrational, unhinged down-voter. Yeah, it’s obvious. Congratulations, you’ve covered all of the presumptuous pejoratives. Problem is, you were way off base with your knee-jerk assumptions, and you know what they say about “assuming” right? If I was a pouty, sensitive, retaliatory snowflake (like you), I’d down vote you as well, but that’s not how I roll. I’m bigger than that.
1mooneymite 3
Anyone know anything about the crew? Was this a training flight? Was it the landing after an operational mission? Nugget crew, or salty cow? Any truth to the rumor it was a "diverse" crew?

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Tyler Ballance 7
I am not sure why this post has been censored. Although the assertion may be baseless, the public should be informed about the crew, their background and their training. The service branches have gotten into the habit of withholding information from us; usually for political reasons. As a former PIO, the fact that ships are colliding and aircraft are crashing, but then little or nothing is released about those involved, or proposed corrective measures taken, should be troubling to all of us. To me, one very big problem in our military is placing political favoritism and quotas over MERIT. We need to get the perfumed princesses out of the Pentagon and restore our military to a fighting force. So, I think Recor10 is premature in the assertion (or perhaps that was meant as humor) however the public should be informed of the names of the crew and their backgrounds. If the general public knew how the Pentagon places politics over MERIT in everything it does, I think we would finally see pressure from Congress to reform our broken military, before we end up losing the coming war with Communist China.
Thomas Grugle 2
Do you have a reference for this assertion?
Randy Marco 2
Just another DEMENTED post by the Traitor.
RECOR10 -7
To that....who needs qualifications when you have quotas? We are maybe just maybe for a kinder, more gentle war....While I may be incorrect, I am pretty certain that when briefed on the situation POTUS did explain how he had once crashed a plane while ordering a $7000 Italian Subway sandwich and did inquire about how the crews hair was smelling.
Bill Butler 3
I like the satire and the sarcasm.
Randy Marco -3
Go inject some Bleach TRAITOR, you need mental help... though it would be ineffectual in your your case.
ravenshammer 3
Their much touted and lauded all female crew. Not surprising.
Martin Michel 2
Dare kola 1
Rescue him self in rain drop from that particular condition

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dee9bee 10
Nope...(for a number of reasons)
bouleyloon 10
That's a helluva lot of electronics to fix. Expensive mistake.
Gary Bain 4
Sure is. Oh well, give it back to the taxpayer.....
21voyageur 3
agreed. Beer can future.

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ravenshammer 1
SUPPORT any advertisers on YOU TUBE that support Israel!

[This poster has been suspended.]

ravenshammer 3
Nuke redlaser for OUR peace!


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