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United Airlines Aircraft Diverts Mid-Flight as Woman Goes Into Labor

A United Airlines flight en-route to Honolulu returned to San Francisco on Monday when a woman onboard went into labor. The plane landed safely and medical professionals assisted the mother and child. ( More...

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Rick D 7
The pilots must have labored hard, to land safely, a flight diverted due to nothing to do to with the aircraft.
What do you mean? According to the MSN headline, the plane turned around IN MID AIR! That’s something.
Greg S 5
United?!? They probably charged her $25 after the fact for an extra carry-on.
patrick baker 5
WHAT A NOTHING-BURGER. It only occurs infrequently, but the possibility of an inflight labor resulting in bad outcome ought to convince any deep thinkers at FAA to deny pregenant boarders beyond some definable period of her pregenancy, simply on common sense grounds. If you ae showing, you ain't going....
Lee Withers 2
My life seems to be full of my own errors, but I thought at one time there was some sort of restrictions on pregnant women past "X" months had to have clearance from a doctor.
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dee9bee 3
Simply turn off your ad blocker for a minute. The ad blocker will reset to 'on' when you leave the site.
James Simms 1
Gee, I don’t have any issues reading the article
avionik99 3
So who compensates all the rest of the passengers for the idiocy of this woman flying in that state of pregnancy? I would be PO'ed if I had to go thru that because of another's complete stupidity!
If youre too drunk, You Dont Fly! If youre too Pregnant, You Dont Fly!!
Gloria Johns 3
How do you know it wasn't premature labor?
C J 0
If I'm ever on a flight with you and you have a heart attack or a stroke, you better be prepared to compensate me if you insist on wasting my time with a diversion! If your heart or arteries aren't healthy enough, then you don't fly! (Do you see how insane that sounds?)
dee9bee 1
The difference I see is that you don't know when you are going to have a heart attack but you DO know when you are pregnant. (almost always)

I'm thinking that airlines forbid you to fly when you are within a certain time before the 'due date'. Then again, some babies are born prematurely.
Rob Palmer 2
My Mom was a premee w/ no 02 at home. She was a healthy baby and lived to 92 w/no doctors, meds.
C J -1
I understand the clear differences, and my comment was meant to be read with a hearty dose of sarcasm. However, I'd be willing to bet that most folks who have a heart attack or a stroke on a flight didn't intend for it to happen. And I'd also bet that most of them had health warning signs indicating that they were at risk. I'd bet everything that while this woman knew she was pregnant, she almost certainly didn't intend to go into labor on the flight and didn't think she was a risk to fly. It's that level of common sense that is lacking from human skillset of folks like Mr. Avionik and make this entire forum a nightmare. What's really ironic is that I have a hunch that Mr. Avionik is also nuts enough to believe people like Elon Musk when they say there is an UNDER population in theory, the extreme right wingers here (who also seem to be the "get off my lawn" club) should be cheering this news!
EMK69 1
Diana Rose 1
If at near or full term of pregnancy can't wear a seat-belt anyway.... unless its pulled over the neck. There, you don't go.
MOST( and i say most for a reason)women who are pregnant get their ob/gyns ok BEFORE GETTING ON AN AIRPLANE..women going into labor on a flight is not an uncommon thing..there IS a point at which your doctor will say NO for lots of is discrimination to as some here want to do to deny a flight to a woman who is pregnant..those making nasty remarks must be men!by the way, flight attendants are allowed to fly up to a certain point in their pregnancy also..


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