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This high school aviation class is setting the course for aerospace employment

More than a third of all aerospace employees in the state of Florida work in Brevard County, according to Career Source Brevard. This week’s Getting Results Award winner has a track record of providing aerospace companies with qualified workers, and he’s doing it from a one-of-a-kind high school classroom. On the campus of Eau Gallie High School you’ll find a few things no other high school can offer: a 7,500-square-foot airplane hangar with a Mitsubishi Diamond 1A business jet and a Piper PA-28… ( More...

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sparkie624 2
We need good Mechanics coming out of School... Many like myself are getting to retirement age and planning retirement, and there are not nearly enough new Mechanics getting into the field as the ones that are retiring.
avionik99 3
I retired from my job as an avionics tech after 47 years in the business. 3 years later and my job is still being posted on the USAF contractor's website.
sparkie624 1
Not surprising... I think we are pretty close to the same vintage... I am at 43 years and looking at retirement in about 3 years (at 65), but may go to 70 since I work at home now from a desk! No more Hangar and Flight Line for me.
avionik99 2
Good luck to you. Hopefully you do not end up with horrible back issues preventing you from a great retirement life as I have.
sparkie624 1
I hear you on that... For the past 15 years, I have been working a desk as a Maintenance Controller... Writers Cramp is more common in our Department.. LOL - My Back is good, but arthritic Leg, but as of now, it is ok (depending on the weather!)
linbb 1
There needs to be a trade school program started too as every one cant be an aerospace engineer. But since college is pushed as the only thing to do beyond high school guess those who cant make that grade are just going to do shit jobs.

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jeff creek 9
How does this article bring up transgender issues to you? That seems to be in a lot of your comments. Are YOU having transgender issues? Maybe try talking to a psychologist will help you. Good luck to you.
avionik99 0
I think he is just admitting that the school systems have a new agenda far beyond the 3 R's that is creating havoc and confusion in the education systems of America.
sparkie624 -2
That much is for sure... If a Kid is not confused going into school, he (or she) will be by the time they get out. I just wish schools would just teach the basics and be done with it... They go way to far beyond making so many kids feel like they do not know who or what they are!
Brian Freeman -6
I'm all for this as long as they've successfully completed all their Critical Race Theory, Gender Identity, and Diversity Equity and Inclusion courses......
sparkie624 2
Really.. Can you explain how CRT and Gender ID and Diversity has anything to do with Fixing Planes! We need Skilled Mechanics and I don't care if it is a he or a She!
Ken Riehl 1
I believe that was a dose of sarcasm
I suspect that is called "sarcasm."


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