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See inside a revolutionary flying car that will cost $789,000 and just started test flights

Flying cars may be closer to reality than you think. Northern California-based startup Aska is trying to finally deliver what humans have been dreaming about for decades: A car that can drive on the road and then, with the flip of a switch, take off into the sky, "Back to the Future" style. Here's what it was like to ride in Aska's first prototype — and what the future may hold if the startup gets off the ground. ( More...

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royalbfh 12
I will never understand the absolute infactuation with a flying car. I can buy a nice car for $100,000. I can buy a pretty nice airplane for $200,000. so why would I want to spend $800,000 for something that will not outperform either of those?
Sean Awning 2
Maybe it's a fantasy about flying out of a traffic jam? Some people would pay a lot of money for that privilege.
Matt West 1
I wish I could do that every day on I610 here in Houston. That, or have a James Bond-esque vehicle with a rocket launcher!
matt jensen 2
Would rather have a helo - straight up
sparkie624 1
For those an old enough, Remember the Cartoon, the Jetsons with the Flying Space Cars... Looks cool, but I doubt they will ever be practical... So what will you need to drive fly this thing... Both a Pilots and A Drives License... Nice Idea: Get a copy behind you with his lights on.. Spread your wings and Go Somewhere else.. LOL! James Bond all the way around.
sparkie624 4
It would be fun in Microsoft Flight Simulator, but I do not think I would trust my life in it...
Greg S 4
If that's a flying car then the V-22 Osprey is a flying bus.
Greg S 3
Oh FFS, not the flying cars again. The Jetsons was a cartoon, not a roadmap for aviation development.
bbabis 2
Uhh, just no!
Frank DeLeon 2
bentwing60 2
I'll bite, when is the IPO?
coinflyer 2
Boy that thing is fugly! And if I'm stuck in heavy traffic I'd never have room to unfold those wings to either side without hitting something, so I couldn't lift off anyway. Or, if VTOL is possible in the folded configuration, the beast looks a little tall to drive under some bridges. So no, for that kind of money I'll buy a really nice car, hire a chauffeur and buy a nice helicopter to keep nearby someplace, as royalbfh rightfully suggested.
Steven Wells 1
Do I need to watch the Jeston again?
linbb -2
Oh yes here we go again make sure when reserving a spot for yours that its refundable and hope that part happens. What a waste of money and time bet its if even an RC model that will never be done in full scale. Just like that startup electric airliner in WA state thats just a one off test bed for what? Well Molt Tayor had noe of these that actually worked way back in the 50s.


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