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Supersonic travel: NASA’s vision for faster, better flights

NASA has announced plans to develop a supersonic passenger plane almost twice as fast as Concorde. ( More...

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Anna Gray -3
We already are severely harmed by aircraft noise as noise sensitive Autistic people. If NASA tries to harm (and possibly kill - some of us develop seizures and heart failure from loud noise) us with sonic boom from these airplanes we will sue NASA out of its budget for this project. NASA or anyone else for that matter has right to harm torture and abuse noise sensitive Autistic people.
yomanne 1
The whole point of the program is to reduce the sonic boom to a "thump" so it's not so disruptive. Plus, supersonic speeds would only be allowed over the ocean so I don't think you have anything to be concerned about.
Lauriston Taylor -1
Yes Sir, that’s just what we need another government program to produce an aircraft that is not needed. If needed!!!, the private sector will build it quicker, cheaper, and better than this “make work” project for government workers. Time to send home the government work force not needed.
yomanne 2
The private sector would be developing the plane. NASA is helping with strategic planning to help figure out if there's a viable business case for supersonic flight. Plus, your life would be much different (and not for the better) without all the things NASA has helped develop. If you're so interested in reducing government spending you might look at the IRS and how much useless work is going on.
Kent Heaton -4
Agree, NASA is a fraud.
Nooge 0

Mike Pence Space Force Commander is still heading up NASA

He took up space for 4 years so he is well qualified and he was smart enough to get vaccinated

BTW speaking of fraud I see you are a pile it ...pile it high anti vax fraudster

On a per-capita basis, however, the vaccinated are much less likely to catch or die from the disease than the unvaccinated, data shows.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people aged 12 and older vaccinated with an updated (bivalent) booster had an 18.6 times lower risk of dying from COVID-19 than the unvaccinated in October 2022. They also had 3.1 times lower risk of testing positive for COVID-19 in November 2022.
Ed Huenniger 4
How does a "discussion" on aircraft succenly turn into an anti-vax rant?
Please keep moron comments to yourself! Thanks
Russ Brown 3
Billionair transport. Just what we need.
Greg Kusiak 2
I get a 404 clicking the link
avionik99 2
Yup me too
jbermo 2
Commercial supersonic flying is one thing - Commercial supersonic flying that meets any stringent emissions requirements of the future is another.
avionik99 1
Cannot have sonic booms over populated areas severely limiting its use.
mbrews 4
The NASA X-59 demonstrator is not exactly news. NASA awarded Lockheed-Martin (skunkworks) the X-59 contract in April 2018. The design objective is quieter supersonic flight. It features a long-beak nose and synthetic vision. (No direct windshield view for pilots).
bentwing60 -3
but it is internet BS!


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