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LATAM Boeing 787-9 near Panama City, Captain Incapacitated

A LATAM Boeing 787-9 aircraft with registration CC-BGI was performing flight LA-505 from Miami, FL (USA) to Santiago de Chile (Chile). While cruising at FL370 approximately 120 nautical miles north of Panama City (Panama), the aircraft altered its course to divert to Panama City due to the reported incapacitation of one of the captains on board. ( More...

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Matt Reardon 23
Didn't need email or texting, how about just someone using some common sense and exerting some simple leadership to get on the PA and let the passengers know that the flight was grounded due to a medical issue for one of the pilots, having that crew member call the airline ops center to mobilize assistance with overnighting (vouchers for example) and rescheduling and advising the passengers accordingly prior to disembarking. Flight crews need to be better trained for contingencies such as these. There's nothing wrong with leadership, taking charge, and making the necessary and helpful happen and happen in a timely effective manner.
bentwing60 8
The Captain was 56 years young and pronounced DOA!
befreefilm 4
Pilot incapacitations & deaths in Aug-Sep 2023

Sep.23, 2023 - Alaska Airlines Pilot - 37 year old Captain Eric McRae died suddenly in his hotel room during layover, was to fly that morning

Aug.27, 2023 - Air Canada Flight AC348 (YVR-YOW) Vancouver to Ottawa, one of the pilots felt ill and became incapacitated 50 min before landing in Ottawa.

Aug.17, 2023 - IndiGo Flight (NAG-PNQ) Nagpur to Pune, India, pilot 40 year old Manoj Subramanium died after collapsing at the boarding gate, about to board.

Aug.16, 2023 - Qatar Airways Flight QR579 (DEL-DOH) Delhi to Doha, Qatar, 51 year old pilot collapsed as a passenger inflight and died, plane diverted to Dubai.

Aug.14, 2023 - LATAM Flight LA505 (MIA-SCL) Miami to Santiago, Chile - 2 hours into 8hr flight, 56 year old Captain Ivan Andaur collapsed and died in the lavatory - plane diverted to Panama City!

Aug.9, 2023 - United Airlines UAL1309 (SRQ-EWR) Sarasota to Newark, pilot had a heart attack and lost consciousness in flight

Aug.7, 2023 - TigerAIR Flight IT237 (CTS-TPE) Sapporo to Taipei, copilot had a medical emergency after landing plane in Taipei...
sharon bias 7
LATAM should have notified the passengers by email or text. They didn't have to get into any details, but the passengers needed to know that their trip was going to be interrupted for a long period of time. This is common courtesy. RIP captain.
jose Barrera 6
What about a simple announcement via PA?
matt jensen 2
Common sense says no
James Simms 9
And airlines would love going to one pilot……..
David Isaacs 4
AI would replace BOTH pilots!
jose Barrera 2
Eventually no one will be in the front! And that space reserved for high paying passengers... Pilot will be thousands of miles away in an airline control center....With one person 'piloting' 10-20 flights...
bentwing60 3
good luck for that eventuality in a Captain Sully tale, ala , US Airways Flight 1549 in to the Hudson! or you might remember United Airlines Flight 232 and Captain Al Haynes and his colleagues arrival to,_Iowa!

Pretty sure an AI bot/McWii pilot "thousands of miles away in an airline control center" could not duplicate either feat of airmanship.

Alas, a seeming lost art, until it's not.
srobak 2
a very sad truth
Mike Mohle 1
Until the EMP anyway.
Kevin Holly 2
Because the EMP won't disable a plane if a human is flying it? 🤔
Tim Dyck 3
Correct me if I am wrong but arn’t there manual controls that a pilot can land with? We had a plane lose hydraulic power and the pilot landed it. His only issue was making sure he has a long enough landing strip because he had no flaps.
Mike Mohle 1
No, but it still can be flown in most cases to land safely if someone is onboard.
Very sad such a young person RIP. Are the pilots still get their medical. Check up every six months?
Jim Allen 3
I’m still confused about this one. If you watch the VAS Aviation video on YT.. the pilot clearly says it’s a PAX with a medical problem. When they get on the flight, it’s part of the flight crew? Didn’t the FO maybe think that an incapacitated pilot was worth mentioning? Maybe it was “medical privacy”. When I watched the video - I thought maybe the captain was deadheading (no pun or disrespect intended). Just odd.
Jim Allen 0
This didn’t seem to be a long enough flight to require a second captain.
Peter Fuller 2
Some reports say this flight was staffed with 2 captains and 1 first officer, others say 1 cap and 2 FOs. Either way it was scheduled for approx 8 hrs gate to gate, so maybe having third pilot was prudent if not actually required.

Who makes rules about need for additional pilots? In this case was it the airline, a union contract, the FAA, and/or Chile’s aviation regulator?
jose Barrera 3
I understood two captains were on board.
THe one was Captain Morgan (buh dump da!)
Jim Allen 1
Still doesn’t answer why the comms relay him as a pax.
Randall Bursk 3
Airlines have excellent crew management data people and computers to keep schedules flying. Being human, medical issues like the rest of you. In my career, almost 98% percent completion factor. Operating 5,000+ flights daily. Proven system. Good flights.
Paul F Harris 6
Blue Skies Sir
And may your families and friends and your airline family and Emergency Workers also find Peace
befreefilm 7
Shan’t mention the obvious
srobak 3
Yep - saw a few more in the news this week. They are going like flies.
I wonder when people are going to wake up? This is a major threat to travel.
befreefilm 4
Prepare for the next “Shall not be mentioned” event stating in 30 days or less. Rumor has it.
Nice Dreamliner picture through !
rhbluervcom 3
Pardon me, but once a flight crew member becomes incapacitated, I think it is true to describe that individual, rest his soul, as a passenger....
befreefilm 3
Wow instantly can no longer pilot the plane. Harsh
rhbluervcom 3
I mean, apologies to the afflicted and all, but if one has a disqualifying condition, then not able to act as required crew, therefore just person aboard aircraft, aka passenger. Right, I mean, which boxes can you check in such circumstances?????

Technicality, yes, but I am with the FO/pic who called "passenger" but, just be sure, if this unfortunate circumstance should befall you, tell the emt/paramedics to make a left turn after the door....
Kevin Keswick -9
Of course, nobody wants to mention the elephant in the room - Ever since the tainted death jabs became mandated for most pilots - sometime around the fall of 2021 there has been a MASSIVE SPIKE in in-air pilot incapacitations. In December of 2021 alone Westjet encountered TWO separate instances of pilot incapacitations in-air! It's not even clear if they were surprised because the airline - Westjet - refused to say citing "medical privacy"! Oh, the irony! Medical privacy didn't count for anything when passengers and pilots alike were forced to get injected with these experimental gene therapies but as soon as a pilot falls ill and perhaps dies behind the controls they have to "respect privacy"
srobak 6
Even outside of the pilot realm - youngish people are dropping at an alarmingly, increasing rate - including those of some degree of notoriety. The denials will keep coming, though - until it is too obvious to ignore. I am guessing another 9 to 18 months.
First Last 2
Citations (and not the flying type), please folks. If you're going to make comments about complex and contentious medical topics, it seems reasonable to know the source of your assertions.
bentwing60 10
are you on the Beagle killers payroll too?
You know of course that the same undereducated dogmatic (pun intended) fools who took the KungFlu shot will never get the Beagle refrence.
Kevin Keswick 4
I would recommend following the twitter account of this doctor who is cataloguing all of the inflight incapacitations and deaths:

William Makis MD @ MakisMD on Twitter (X)

Some recent one he has reported on:

Aug.16, 2023 - Quatar Airways QR579 (DEL-DOH) Delhi to Doha, Quatar diverted to Dubai as 51 year old senior pilot collapsed inflight and died!

2nd pilot death & 4th collapse THIS WEEK!

Aug.14, 2023 - LATAM Flight LA505 (MIA-SCL) pilot died

Aug.9, 2023 - United Airlines UAL1309 (SRQ-EWR) pilot collapsed

Aug.7, 2023 - TigerAIR Flight IT237 (CTS-TPE) pilot collapsed
dmedders 9
Down-votes for actual data. Why am I not surprised?
Peter Fuller 4
How many pilot incapacitations per departure, and per flight hour? What’s the trend line compared to previous time periods? Data needs context to be meaningful.
Kevin Keswick 7
Everyone who got jabbed wants to bury their heads in the sand. I can understand that in a way. I refused to get jabbed so I don't have to have these worries but for the many people who succumbed to the pressure to get jabbed (or were forced to to keep their job) they probably don't appreciate someone like me reminding them of the mortal danger they and their loved ones are in. I understand that fully.
dmedders 3
Let's stick to excess mortality since 2021 in all relevant demographics -- according life insurance actuaries.

You can argue with them.
I love the fact that in Illinois if you committed suicide it was chalked up to be a KungFlu death....
Let’s work the problem with verifiable information. Since KK is using seemingly global data (i.e., two data points out of 4 are flights that have no US legs) I will ask for your indulgence when I use US data to formulate a hypothesis and check it. US labor statistics, death rate by age, flight operations per day, etc. are reliable and available. The assumptions made below will deliver the most conservative estimates since I am excluding some numbers. For example, no cargo flights seem to be noted in KK’s data, so I am just using passenger pilots only. Also, I am assuming the pilots in the last two entries expired even though it describes the incident as “collapses” which does not necessary imply death.

Hypothesis: The death rate amongst commercial pilots aged 45 to 54 years is greater than that of the population (regardless of cause of death).

According to the Depart of Labor statistics, in 2021, there were 135,300 “pilots” commercially employed, of which airline pilots, copilots and flight engineers number 87,600 (IDK how many FE’s these days!). That might include cargo airlines, so let’s take 10% out (I did a quick survey of 10 large, mostly passenger airports and found that about 8% of operations are cargo related – unpublished results), which leaves 78,840.

The Pilot Institute estimates 42,948 ATPs fall in the 45 to 54 age group, which makes sense to me starting from 78k in total. Let’s take out 10% to account for pilots that fly cargo (see above). That leaves 38,653 passenger airline ATPs IN THE US.

The expected death rate for 45-54 year old people in the US is 531 per 100,000 (2021 stats). But 2021 was an unusually high number (for some strange reason), so let’s go with provisional 2022 data that saw a 5.3% age-adjusted improvement compared to 2021, so that would make the provisional expectation 503 deaths per 100,000.

You expect 194 pilots in this age group to die in a year from all causes. That would be 4.8 pilots in this age group expected to die in the period KK notes (9-day period).

I am counting every “collapse” as a death, so that indicates 4 died (and 2 of those likely don’t have any relationship to the US data since the flights were entirely outside the US on foreign carriers). But, you say, these died “on the job,” and I am not considering those who died at home, on the road, etc. You are correct, but as noted, 2 subjects are not likely counted in USA data at all, and perhaps even 3 are not (LATAM pilot), so my assumption is you probably have a roughly 1/3 chance of sudden death at home, at work, or elsewhere for this exercise.

So, does the data seem high compared to expectations? No. Does my hypothesis that the death rate amongst commercial pilots aged 45 to 54 years is greater than that of the population hold? Does not seem to.

In a democracy, we all have a responsibility to do this kind of analysis, including my esteemed colleagues KK and dmedders, to ensure we are debating real issues. Democracy requires an informed population. Otherwise, democracy does not work.,%25)%20of%20which%20were%20canceled.
Michael Dealey 6
Why in the world would your baseline of comparison start in 2021? Rather disingenuous considering the premise you're trying to negate.
dmedders 2
You weren't supposed to notice.but that is how "The Science" is done. Excellent catch!!
LOL - is that a serious question? First off, none of the numbers change enough to make statistically significant difference in my argument regardless of the combinations used for the employment and EDR number over the last three years. But specifically, if I were to use 2023 trends in employment along with the relatively unchanged expected death rate, my argument gets stronger. If I use 2021 actual death rate in the age group with actual employment numbers, my argument gets stronger. This is also true if I use 2022 numbers throughout. By choosing the combination that I did I present the most conservative case. LOL
dmedders 3
Ahhhh....let's see...excess mortality spiked in early 2021 -- ask a life insurance actuary. The 2021 baseline normalizes the excess mortality that began concurrently with a certain mandatory, experimental medical treatment.

Your analysis is biased and inaccurate. LOL
Kevin Keswick 4
You want cold hard data? I'll give you cold hard data! This FAA study looked at the incidence of inflight pilot incapacitations:

One of its major conclusions:

"Chapman reviewed IATA data and found 208 in-flight
medical incapacitations between 1965 and 1977, which
included 13 cardiac cases, or one cardiac incapacitation
per year"

The data is old admittedly but back then it was ONE CARDIAC CASE PER YEAR! How many cardiac cases have there been this years? Worldwide it is now an almost daily event! The number of cases are off the charts since the mRNA "vaccines" were mandated for many pilots.

Of course the tragedies are not just confined to pilots. Every day I see reports of young athletes dying suddenly sometimes on the playing field - often in their sleep and everyone treats this as the "new normal" "Nothing to see hear folks....move along."

I'm sure I will get lots of downvotes for this posts supported by FAA studies
Peter Fuller 1
Cold hard data for the period 1965 through 1977, but only unsupported assertions for the present: “Worldwide it is now an almost daily event! The number of cases are off the charts…” Bottom line, I’m not buying this argument.
dmedders -1
Your sample size is too small to test your hypothesis...but nice try.
M.F. LaBoo 1
Are you not basing your "data" comment below on a website that shows an even tinier number of cases?
dmedders 4
No. I am basing my "data" comment on the completely predictable negative reaction of those who have bought into the safe-and-effective narrative, having never reviewed any mRNA trial results or excess mortality data from 2021 on.
M.F. LaBoo 1
🎶 I hoid it on the Qape-vine... 🎶
bentwing60 0
There are more than a couple of credible sources in this article that might indicate that You sir, have no sources for another gaslight robo. comment!
RECOR10 -5
You sir are spot on. We see more PT's with more nutty things than ever before. Recently a Derm was talking about shocking level of squamous cell in younger people than ever....all have had the jab. But, the lemmings are all about being compliant and dogmatic in their fervor to abide by the will of "da man". Fools.
I love the thumbs down from the ignorant. Hey, at least we know that as a population their life spans are now proven to be MUCH lower and their ability to procreate is greatly limited (then again, their potential off springs will have mass birth defects and cognitive issues).
Steve Horn 0
Will you just go away? Why do we need you whackos on an aviation site. We're trying to keep an eye on planes not your idiotic conspiracy theories. I understand there are plenty of places on the web to take your crap.
The only conspiracy is that the Government perpetrated on citizens under the guise of "Health Care". This is aviation specific as a pointy end person died suddenly, without (presumably) prior symptoms, and after the person was able to pass physical requirements from the carrier. As an aviation enthusiast who has many friends and family members who own planes, their own airports and on and on....I prefer my pointy end folks NOT have had an experimental shot (this was NOT a vaccine)...but, we all know that is impossible with US carriers for the most part.
Steve Horn 1
I don't deny your right to think whatever you want to think I'm just saying keep it away from here. We are here for aviation. Keep your other nonsense confined to the many echo chambers elsewhere on the web. Thanks
Gloria Johns -1
I'm with you, Steve. I think RECOR10 is probably a really lonely, angry guy who frequents any open comment website he can find.
Gloria, what exactly about reality is angry? This seriously is the lowest common denominator of any argument by the sheeple who first off....are not trained medical professionals. Second, have no real skill in debate, or the ability to have an intelligent conversation about two differing views. The fact that the KungFlu scam was a giant Ponzi scheme is one thing, the public continuing to be ignorant of the fact is...well, disappointing as the public (yourself included) CHOOSES to remain ignorant.

Often in life it is not that someone does not know an answer, it is that they are not even capable of the question.
Gloria Johns 1
"KungFlu." Very classy. Says a lot about you.
Faucci Flu? ChinaPox? Chicken Little Cough? If you want PC, you are in the wrong arena. Again, obviously you can not debate the reality of patient care, patient outcome or the sudden death of otherwise healthy simply fall back on delusional emotions. Maybe, just maybe if you were on the plane WHERE THE PILOT DIED!!!! Only when you one day come to an emotional state where you are at least open-minded enough to hear a SCIENTIFIC viewpoint on what is going on...but, if you are a typical Sheeple...

I guess a real wake-up point will be when a pilot dies suddenly and a plane lands in someones yard...this will all come out in the open. Just, how many decades will it take? Seriously, this is no different than the Tuskegee Study (only, and factually most blacks wisely did NOT take the KungFlu RNA experiment).
Kevin Holly -3
.... and here come all the tin foil hat wearing troglodytes to tell us that the vaccine is causing pilots to die more than before the pandemic but with absolutely zero verifiable data to back it up. So predictable.
Tim Dyck 5
.... and here come all the tin foil hat wearing troglodytes to tell us that everything has to be political…so predictable.
bentwing60 3
befreefilm 0
FACT MONGER!!!!!! You and all your facty facts and factual stuff.


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