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Two firefighters have died after a plane crashed into a fire truck while taking off at Peru's busiest airport.

The Latam Airlines plane collided with the truck just before 15:30 (20:30 GMT) on Friday at Jorge Chávez International Airport in the capital, Lima. ( More...

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Mark Kortum 9
Impressive control of the plane after the collision to save over 100 lives!
Leander Williams 6
This is a situation that could have been a lot worse had those ARFF vehicles been traveling closer together. The Captain of the aircraft did a superb job of keeping that aircraft under control. Someone on that airfield is going to be in trouble. The fact that they are building a new runway complex should have required more clear taxiway markings. The fact that NO AIRPORT EXERCISES are supposed to be held on active runways at any time shows there was a breakdown in communication. I learned as a kid the first rule ... STOP, LOOK BOTH WAYS, LISTEN... There is no excuse for ARFF drivers NOT to at least check the runway for traffic landing or taking off. Apparently they even held the flight crew in custody overnight while investigating this incident for manslaughter. HOWEVER, the flight HAD been cleared from takeoff. I read where the black boxes from the plane AND the ARFF vehicles have been sent in for evaluation.
ImperialEagle 6
It is a miracle this was not much, much worse.
"Blancolirio" over on You-Tube has a good three or so reports going on this incident.
There are going to be a lot of factors involved in this accident, as usual. A chain of events.
Gloria Johns 2
As of today, there have only been ten comments, and some of those were about the glitches on the website, not the incident. How is this not a huge deal?!
Paul Rold 1
The other possibility. The Air traffic controller forgot that he had cleared the equipment onto the runway and subsequently cleared the aircraft for takeoff. Let's hope that wasn't the case and it was simply a vehicle incursion. This tower was apparently not equipped with an AMASS system, which would have alerted the tower that there was something on the runway.
heiligenwho 1
Plane crashed into fire truck NO Fir truck crashed into plane by going on active runway.

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djames225 8
No this wasn't posted last week! James posted Sunday (this week) about an accident in Peru but no mention of anyone perishing then!
Some days you come up with great posts in threads, other days you go off on a tangent like you lost your train of thought.
djames225 5
No this wasn't posted last week! James posted 3 days ago about an accident in Peru but no mention of anyone perishing then!
Some days you come up with great posts in threads, other days you go off on a tangent like you lost your train of thought.
bentwing60 5
dj., IMHO, don't hit post twice these days since the normal response to that is now disfunctional and has been for a month or more. Not being critical, just observant. lots of dupe posts recently because the site is not responding as it once did and leads one to the conclusion that it didn't take the post as it does not flash and return you to the thread and enable you to read your post or post again.

Now functioning just like the 'edit post', or 'delete post' we have all asked for over the years.

The 'MIC', Collins, is here and DB is gone.

Larry Toler 3
I thought something was off while posting on another topic. I almost caught myself duplicating my message.
bentwing60 3
Just hit post once and go on with your sojourn through the squawks and go back to that thread later to verify that it posted, if not, you know what you said in the post.
mbrews 3
1) thanx for the tip on duplicate posts. 2) about the tragic accident - underlying the accident are management failings. I’m not sure the planned date for inaugurating the new LIM parallel runway 16R . and transfer to a new Control Tower. IMO , they need a timeout , to address Management of Change failings across the board.
bentwing60 2
Transition in a critical environment is tough and can't be sorted all out at the end! The only folks that ought to not be takin' the 'perp' walk are the guys in the pointy end of that AB.


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