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Boeing-Built X-37B Space Plane Sets Record After 908 Days in Orbit

The X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle, a reusable space plane built by Boeing (NYSE: BA), landed at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on November 12 after setting an endurance record of 908 days in orbit. The previous record was 780 days in orbit. The occasion also marked the completion of the vehicle’s sixth mission. The X-37B carries experiments into space and returns them to earth for analysis for government and industrial partners. It has now flown more than 1.3 billion statute miles and spent 3,774 days… ( More...

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Ben Merryman 2
Craig Good 1
At some point it should lose the X, right? Seems like it's doing actual missions.
Russ Brown 1
John Yarno 1
This is an interesting "little" shuttle type space craft. It does not take much imagination to see a whole wide range of missions. Unmanned, without the need for life support, this ship has proven itself capable of long term missions w/o the need for resupply and/or crew changes. I can also see some form of life support package for limited manned (Space Fighter??) missions.
Jaime Terrassa 1
that's why Boeing built it
Jaime Terrassa 1
that's why Boeing build it they have a little imagination
FAwareM 1
Wow. Am thinking that nearly continuous 2.5 years aloft should merit the invocation of some type of bonus clause---here's hoping it was included. Well done, Boeing!
SmittySmithsonite 1
It looks like the Space Shuttle that flew too close to the sun! :) Nice milestone, though. Can't wait to see the future missions!


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