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Boeing 747 Dreamlifter Wheel Falls off Landing Gear in Taranto

Footage has emerged of a Boeing 747 Dreamlifter's wheel falling off its main landing gear in Taranto, Italy, earlier today... ( More...

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You are wrong Donald. That is a Boeing, not an Airbus. Is is a cargo aircraft and was named like that after the appearance of the Dreamliner, also Boeing. So be careful before calling a " silly mistake " correct published info.
linbb 2
Well gee thought that a wheel was made out of something other than rubber. All that fell off was a tire you can see the rim still on the AC DUH
Chris B 4
Boeings new bouncing bomb......
Donald Coleman -2
That is an AIRBUS 380, NOT a Boeing! How could any credible aviation publication make such a silly mistake?
Only 4 Dreamlifters were built. Each one is a modified 747-400


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