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Boeing will outsource more corporate jobs to India

Boeing told nonunion corporate staff in an all-hands virtual meeting this month that it will begin outsourcing finance and accounting jobs to Tata Consultancy Services of India. Boeing said Tuesday it has “significantly increased hiring in engineering and manufacturing as market demand increases and we drive stability in production and invest in engineering and innovation.” ( More...

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Wolfgang Prigge 17
Boeing could save a lot of money by outsourcing the CEO job to India.
Craig Harris 10
And probably get better results too.
Rob Carlassara 12
2 words - Corporate Treason.
djames225 5
Looks like the bean counters are "using" their heads again......
godutch 0
Another Trump administration huge success, that was good for the economy, going by the wayside. Back to industries pissing on the American people. Sad...
Richard Haas 0
Ratan Tata is a pilot and took flying lessons at the Ithaca Airport in Ithaca NY.


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