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Delta Air Lines Announces nonstop Service to Tahiti

Delta Air Lines recently announced a new, long-haul route. The legacy carrier will begin nonstop flights from Los Angeles, Calif. to Papeete, located on the French Polynesian island of Tahiti. The new flight is planned to commence on December 17, 2022, during the summer months in the South Pacific. ( More...

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D Kaufman 2
Delta has a huge fleet of old 767's they need to do something with so they're going to give this a shot.
Pat Barry 1
I looked at the Delta website ...... what I saw in late October was that it is a code share on Air France with Air France being the operator on a 777 200

Fares are confusing .... they offer a teaser at $750 return in Y but the regular coach fare is $2500
D Kaufman 1
Right. I can fly cheaper, on the same code-shared aircraft, with Air France. Delta is always more expensive but it's a good airline and you get what you pay for. Just wish they'd update their aircraft.
patrick baker 4
there is already scheduled airliner esrvice on this route. Does delta think they are going to stimulate sufficient traffic to fill their frequencies no matter what the other airline does? I have nothing bad to say about Delta I will watch them as they compete in the marketplace.
jeff slack 4
.............. and you too can now experience a sub-par cabin offer all the way from LA to Tahiti.

Asian and Australian/KIWI airlines already visit daily with out-of-this-world (for anyone used to flying a US carrier) service down the back or up the front.

If you are still flying on a US-based carrier outside of the USA; well, more fool you.
Gayla Schnitzer 1
Well said. And agreed. Delta’s foray is a fools folly.
Ed Allen 1
Marc Friedman 1
Good things it's planned as a nonstop.
Patrick Wahle 1
Also Air Tahiti Nui flight from Paris to Tahiti with a stop in LAX. FrenchBee flies to Tahiti from Paris with a stop in SFA. Very competitive prices.
As a Skyteam member, does it mean that Air France will share the route with Delta?
D Kaufman 2
Do you mean SFO instead of SFA?
Pat Barry 1
Could be a code share??
mike moseley 1
Much rather fly on Air Tahiti Nui's new 787-9's. Have had great trips with this airline on, LAX - PPT and LAX - CDG flights. They are very competitive on price, flight times, service, and French Polynesia ambience.
OnTheAve 1
Why on earth would someone fly a crappy sub-par U.S. carrier when Air Tahiti is a fine choice? I enjoyed a good service on this flight.
Pat Barry 2
I am corporate flight crew. I did a flight to Papeete in January and our organizer put me on Air Tahiti Nui, and it was horrible. The flight left at midnight, food was a verge rolled tortilla. Plane was a 787 with nine across where the plane was designed for eight across, and to accommodate the carriers' requests for nine across Boeing took about 1 1/2" out of the seat width.
Because the organizer bought the flight on line Air Tahiti Nui didnot pay miles, despite being a Star Alliance member. I flat out won't fly with Air Tahiti Nui again. It was just horrible. Air France has a 7 am flight, and that's better. Delta will provide some competition which is good. There is no way Delta could be worse than Air Tahiti Nui.
Philip Lanum 1
Boeing did not take anything away.
The aircraft purchaser determines the pitch of the seats. Boeing contracts out the seat and installs what the customer ordered. Not a Boeing decision.
As a "corporate flight crew" you should know better.


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