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Bill would create ‘no-fly’ list for unruly passengers

Lawmakers introduced legislation Wednesday to create a “no-fly” list for unruly passengers, part of an effort to address the rise of violent incidents in airplanes. Under “The Protection From Abusive Passengers Act” unveiled by Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.) and Reps. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.), people convicted of assaulting crew members aboard an aircraft could be placed on a “no-fly” list that would be maintained by the Transportation Security Administration. Those… ( More...

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aknorris 16
This is just more unnecessary political theater.

Try this: charge the perpetrators with the appropriate crimes, try them, and if convicted, sentence them to meaningful punishments. Nobody can fly commercial carriers while they are sitting in jail for assault.

We have this system in place already with no need for more federal intervention. We just need to use it.
K Mac 12
This is kind of what happens when air travel has been allowed to become the low rate public bus system that it is now. Not trying to sound "uppity" but in the days when flying was a bit more of a luxury and you were expected to dress proper and be proper, you didn't see this. Now days you let people fly that dress like they are going to Walmart and you get what you get.
Sean Mathews 3
You are not wrong.
JJ Johnson 6
Like everything else in America. No manners and no class and no respect. Back in the day flying was a classy endeavor. Now the aircraft are full of people who act like baboons. Put them in jail. We don't need any more Government intervention. Charge them with a crime and put them in JAIL.
Andy Ridings 1
Fact Masks don't work
Fact Nazis enforce their use needlessly
Fact I am not American and never voted for Trump nor do I "follow" him
Fact It is Mr Biden who mindlessly continues these pointless mandates

Where does Trump come into the equation?
Paul F Harris 1
put them on a no fly list and ban them from flying on ALL AIRLINES FOR LIFE AS WELL AS LOCKING THEM UP IN PRISON FOR A LONG TIME 20+ YEARS
Alan Brown -1
When I head of this, I thought "Its about time!" until I saw that it will be managed by the Biden government. Might as well have nobody in charge for the good it will do. Another catch and release program.
btweston 0
Ted Cruz does not approve this message.
Andy Ridings -1
Since the pointless mask mandate aggressive behaviour has undoubtedly escalated. Get rid of the masks and the nazis that enforce their use
Andy must be one of Trump's misguided followers.
Larry Kreuger 1
Yep….and I originally thought Trump had created a class of _______ followers…but now I believe these _______ people were out there all along…Trump just gave them a voice. Wowzer, I completely misunderstood what kind of country we were….scary what we now realize we were all along. (_______ = insert favorite descriptor)


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