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China Eastern Airlines to Ground All Boeing 737-800 Aircraft

China Eastern Airlines will reportedly ground all Boeing 737-800 aircraft on Tuesday after one of its planes carrying 132 people crashed in the southwestern Chinese province of Guangxi. ( More...

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Ichiro Sugioka 2
My condolences to the family of the people who perished.

The airline is probably inspecting all of their 737 NG, especially the pickleforks.
ed norton 2
Hopefully we will ultimately end up knowing the TRUTH about what has happened here!
sparkie624 2
That would be great... and I hope they do, but I wouldn't be holding my breath... China has not always been forth coming of the truth!
sparkie624 0
Anther URL:
linbb -3
And another nothing post.
pilotjag 0
Two more links...
zuluzuluzulu -3
Straight down. It must have lost it's tail like AA 587. Or,UA 585 rudder problem. What horrific nightmare.
Torsten Hoff 2
The tail is visible in videos of the crash, so it did not come off.
Mike Webb 2
Wouldn't the loss of the tail assembly result in a tumbling descent? The video suggests a fairly stable near-vertical dive.
sparkie624 1
Yes, but I doubt that happened... they had power going all the way down as they kept the Transponder and Reporting gear operational.. If the tail had broken off and tumbled, they would have probably lost all power as well
linbb -5
Well gee something did happen all of you who respond must really like posting nothing of value.
sparkie624 3
DOH.. of course something happened, but I don;t think the tail came off.. If so, I very seriously doubt that it would have been a recording event.. they would have disappeared from ADSB Receivers!


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