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Passengers forced to push plane down runway after tire ruptures

In a technique seemingly reserved for automobiles, Nepal airline passengers were forced to push their airplane after a popped tire stranded it on the tarmac. A video of the “Airplane”-esque scene boasts more than 800,000 views on TikTok. ( More...

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Cleffer 22
At least they didn't have to push-start it and pop the clutch.
Remember: put it in SECOND gear before you do this. Makes it much easier. (Not that anyone owns manual shift cars anymore...)
Clutch down until inaf speed,2 gear, up clutch ad smoth power, old school
Clutch down until inaf speed,2 gear, up clutch ad smoth power, old school
Cleffer, I just laughed so hard - thanks, I needed that this morning!!!
mark robinson 8
Just wish they'd stop referring to it as a jet....

(Yes - I know it's a turboprop, but to the layman it's certainly not what they would think of as a jet)
David Beattie 8
Very resourceful crew and pax. Once again headline was meant to outrage rather than inform. Passengers volunteered, not “forced”, it’s a small turbo- propeller not a jet and at a remote airport with few facilities. The airplane empty only weighs about 7,000 lbs. so two or three people could push it with fully inflated tires. Thank GOD no one was killed!
Next weeks story will cover how passengers are forced to push SF Cable car on the turntable. Stay tuned.
21voyageur 6
Typical crappy juvenile reporting. A Twin-Otter is not a jet as referenced several times in the article and the passengers were not "forced to push their airplane". They chose to push the aircraft.
msetera 2
Might as well be fake-news CNN.
ed norton 1
You meant to say FOX news!!
21voyageur 0
you said it I didn't ! ;-{) But still FlightAware publishes this poor reporting. Do they not vet the content of their site? Interesting story in itself but comme on, get your story straight.
Frank Harvey 5
VNBR looks like a neat little VFR only strip in a bowl in mountains with extremely limited facilities, even to tie down. There is an interesting video of two departures on Youtube. The second one sits on the brakes and winds it up and still uses a lot of concrete. Then he has an interesting climb out but the video seems to cut away too early. I would have liked to see how he got over the mountain, or if he turned right and went through the pass.
Mark Kortum 4
Good it was not an A380
Roy Hunte 7
For some reason this brought an image to mind of a large crowd of people pushing an A380.🤣
Rob Hall 6
Cue the Ryanair / EZJet jokes...
Gary Sheppard 1
This story was posted 26 days ago and I'm the first one to mention Spirit Airlines? Disappointing.
weecosse 1
Were they forced to do it or did they volunteer?
Jay David 1
There is a woman pushing. She is the only one in flip flops, and wearing a flowery jacket.
ADXbear 1
Hope they get a free ticket.. ridiculous
Required of all American Airlines Aadvantge participants.
D Rotten -3
Oh, look! Actual MEN!! If that were in a 'First World' country, the MALES (aka NOT MEN), would sit in their seats, on their cells, WAITING for 'someone' to come and 'rescue' them. LOLOL
gilgraham 0
Did they not try starting the engines??


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