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Frontier Axes “COVID Recovery Charge” After Negative Backlash

Frontier Airlines was forced to quickly remove "COVID Recovery Charge" after negative social media backlash. ( More...

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jtm12180 10
You think they aren’t getting that $1.59 still?!

I’ve got some ocean front property for you in Oklahoma...
Chris Bryant 7
So from the article it sounds like they'll actually keep the fee, and just not tell you it's an additional fee.
Roger Anderson 2
I'm surprised they didn't do this from the start
Ken Elrich 3
Yep, Nickel and dime you to death one fee at a time so the public can swallow the charges easier! They figure the government gets away with the same tactics it will work for airline charges as well. Luggage use to be free now it’s around $50 a bag! And now accepted ! Think about it!
Mildred Sellers 5
Derek Vaughn 1
This won't affect my decision to fly Frontier. They are great for leisure travel.
ken young 1
I did some research using fares on a route I used to take back in the 1980s
Then turned to the inflation calculator.
This particular route EWR to CLT.
Typical fare was around $200 RT on Piedmont.
Today one can find flights just over $300 on the same route.
However, when adjusted for inflation ,$200 in 1985 is $532 in 2021 dollars.
When it comes to airfare being expensive I don't want to hear the complaining.
ken young -1
Frontier is mostly likely now burying the fee into the base fare.
They are getting bad publicity because they decided to be transparent.
Knee jerk reaction was Swift.
A buck fifty nine and social media blows a cylinder.
Huck Finn -3
At one time I was a frequent flyer but no more. Air travel is more like how the operation was in the former Soviet Union. Endless lines, ridiculous security procedures and lousy service. Now with the addition of the mask requirement in order to sit in one of the micro-mini seats scrunched in between other people who are stuffed like cargo on board a metal tube with an ever controlling flight attendant ordering passengers around like they are in boot camp while singling out flyers just for the sake of bullying them. No thanks! I will enjoy the open road in front of me in my SUV sailing across the landscape, breathing fresh air (no mask!) with plenty of elbow and ass room in the front seat!! I've gone through my last visit to security hell only to board an aero plane with one of the control freak drill-sergeant like flight attendants barking orders to me about my not wearing a mask. There is absolutely no service on these freak flights to speak of unless one is of an elite status and is flying first or business class. The friendly skies ain't!
Maxwell Johnson 5
With an attitude like yours, I doubt that the airlines will grieve your absence.
beilstwh 0
Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. I think that the people why freak out over having to wear a mask for an hour or 2 during a flight are truly idiots. However the rest of your comments I agree with.
Kevin Smith -4
I don’t mind getting into our club’s Piper Dakota with an instructor who is also vaccinated, but no way in hell will I fly when anti-mask Trumpanzees aren’t being cattle-prodded, dumped on the tarmac and hauled off to solitary confinement to await arraignment or COVID. I bet most flight crews feel the same way. Hence, I will not fly commercially for the foreseeable future, if ever again, unless the Delta variant continues effective gene pool cleansing of the anti-mask, anti vaccination simians. So, only when necessary, we will drive everywhere, even across the country. And yes, I can overlook some of the more aggressive flight crew responses to Trumpanzee provocations. The planet has grown totally exasperated with them and has no sympathy for a single, solitary one of them.
Clinton Hurst 4
Ggood! Stay home, in the fetal position under your bed!
Ro Gal 3
With attitudes like yours, we'll be even more dependent on big government and lose more of our individual freedoms and world standing as a sovereign nation.
Clinton Hurst 1
Who me? I believe it's Mr.Smith who wants to name call and would be the one who would want more govt control over us..perhaps he will be more comfortable wearing 2 masks. And don't forget the recommended goggles!
As for me!? Let freedom ring!
Ro Gal 1
Intended for Mr. Smith...
beilstwh 0
wearing a mask has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH FREEDOM. It is a public health action and people who refuse to wear them are self centered narcissists who don't give a damn about anyone else.
Ro Gal 1
I'm afraid you are greatly misinformed. First, for making a gross diagnoses of narcissism for half the US population. Second, the masks are gravely ineffective. The size of the virus and its ability to transfer through the material of common surgical masks is evident. A good analogy would be the virus being a handful of sand, thrown at a chain link fence (the mask). Some of the virus may be stopped but much more will get through, rendering the mask highly ineffective. The mask, just like the unnecessary shut downs and school closures were for control and other nefarious reasons. Keeping this thread on topic, I'll say that the commercial airline industry was pressured to implement a vaccine passport, but knew they'd lose even more money due to over half the country not taking the experimental "vaccine".
Dennis Stockton 2
Banjo Boy says, "You will comply. You will be assimilated."
Clinton Hurst 1
Good! Go crawl back under your bed and curl up in the fetal position!

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DaveRK 8
IMO, it isn't the extra $1.59, its the way in which FFT continues to endlessly work to squeeze money from the flying public, all while providing bare minimums in every respect. They only positive thing with them is their newer aircraft.

As an ex-FFT freq. flyer, I now sit back and laugh at just how ridiculous they are.
Being an ULCC they're going to cut corners, but they way FFT does it is an insult.
Heck, just raise the fares.
Steve Ortiz 4
I agree it isn't about the $1.59 - How many fees are they going to tack on in the future? And if this fee is only because of covid, Will it go away once covid is eliminated and this extra "cleaning" isn't required, any more?


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