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Backlash over Minsk incident takes Belarus airline to the brink

The international response to the grounding of a Ryanair jet in Belarus and arrest of a dissident on the flight has delivered a heavy blow to state-run airline Belavia and its expansion plans. Only last month Belavia took delivery of a new Boeing 737 MAX as part of its strategy to offer more transit flights via Belarusian capital Minsk. Since the forced landing of Sunday's flight in Minsk, most of Belarus's neighbours and many other European nations have banned its flights. The EU has… ( 更多...

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Highflyer1950 6
All countries should ban Belarus originating flights until further notice!
patrick baker 6
Belarus is not necessarily near any brink- the trains still run through the country and to elsewhere.
Cut the train links, and stop commercial trucking from entering Belarus, and deny entry to trucks leaving Belarus, and that will get somebody's attention as it causes real economic pain.
Stephen Donnelly 1
They want to play hard ball with the world? Time for us to give them a taste of our & other countries' hardball


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