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At Odds With Air Force, Army Adds Its Own Aviation Unit

Ever since the Army lost its warplanes to a newly independent Air Force after World War II, soldiers have depended on the sister service for help from the sky, from bombing and strafing to transport and surveillance. But the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have frayed the relationship, with Army officers making increasingly vocal complaints that the Air Force is not pulling its weight. ( 更多...

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pattonm 0
It's about time someone take the bull by the horns and cut the A/F out of the combat picture. They don't perform as a military organization like the Army, Navy and Marines. They would be better off being in space, which is where most of their head are.

Mr. P
fabere 0
Spoken like a true idiot! As an Air Force retiree, I take offense to your un-patriotic stance of ignorance! Let's see now, which service was it that kicked ass during both the 1st & 2nd Gulf War (I was there by the way)? Oh yeah, who kicked the crap out of that North African dictator in 1986...right again! It was the Air Force!


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